Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

Mold Behind Bathroom Insert

Water Leak in BathroomWater continued to leak behind the bathroom insert without the knowledge of the homeowners. They didn't realize there was something wrong ... READ MORE

Water Damage and Mold Damage

Prescott Home with Mold and Water DamageThe supply line in the bathroom broke and flooded the quite a bit of the flooring. The entire hall was soaked. The homeo... READ MORE

Flooded Basement Becomes a Nightmare

Why does mold grow after a water loss?Mold is a fungus that grows when there is moisture present. Mold spores are too small to see with the naked eye but they a... READ MORE

Water Damage and Mold in Basement

Mildew Found in BasementThe water heater in the basement had been leaking for a while without anyone noticing. There was mold growing along some of the walls an... READ MORE

Kitchen Mold Damage

Really Bad Mold Problem in Prescott, AZHave you ever heard the mold never grows in Arizona because it is too dry? We hear that all the time at SERVPRO of Yavapa... READ MORE

Mold In Office Bathroom

Does your office bathroom constantly stink?A constant mildewy smell in the bathroom is a sure sign of mold. One of our technicians used this restroom in a comme... READ MORE