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How Many Days Will Mold Removal Take?

1/20/2020 (Permalink)

Walls covered with mold Severe mold infestation in a Yava, AZ building

If your company experiences a mold problem in Yava, AZ, you will likely have a number of questions. The goal, of course, is to get your business cleaned up with an efficient mold removal program. Will this take weeks or longer, or can a professional mold remediation company complete the process more quickly? Each situation is different, and the speed of the process depends on how extensive the mold problem is on the property. It also depends upon how long the mold growth has been present, as microscopic mold spores can spread throughout a building in as little as 48 to 72 hours.

The Best Process for Mold Removal

Always work with a company that has the training, equipment, and experience to take care of problems such as black mold. Technicians will understand that water damage is likely the cause for mold, and they will begin by making sure any excess water or leaks on the property are taken care of. Once this is fixed, the process involves the following proven steps:

  • Damage assessment
  • Mold containment and cleanup
  • Restoration of materials contaminated with mold
  • Replacement of ruined materials
  • Application of antimicrobial and anti-fungal cleaning agents

In many cases, the complete cleanup can be completed in three to seven days. This will remove mold growth to normal, natural levels and restore the building to the way it was before mold was found.

The Top Results

Professional mold remediation in a commercial building presents many challenges, which is why working with the right company is so important. You want the job done quickly so your company can return to what it does best. You want the job done safely so your employees and customers are never in danger of breathing tainted air. Finally, you want the job done right so mold growth on your property will not return. A quick professional process makes mold removal "Like it never even happened."

How To Handle an Overflow?

1/20/2020 (Permalink)

Used paper clogging the toilet Clogged toilet in Prescott Valley, AZ

How To Handle an Overflow?

Keep in mind that water lines run throughout the building, each one affecting the other. If liquid cannot escape through the drainage system, that bacterial-filled fluid ends up somewhere. That means running anything from a washing machine to a shower could cause a toilet to overflow, damaging property and creating a work hazard. Prevent your need for sewage cleaning by remaining proactive, tending to issues as they happen. Small steps such as these can save proprietors and insurers major dollars and time.

1. What Are the Signs of a Potential Clog?

Before a toilet overflow occurs, business owners in Prescott Valley, AZ, may notice several minor changes in the efficiency of the plumbing, warning that trouble is imminent. In fact, any of the following symptoms could indicate sewer line complications:

  • Slow drainage
  • Unusual odor
  • Gurgling or bubbling noises
  • Standing water outside or inside the drain line

2. How Can You Push Out the Obstruction?

Avoid the cost of sewage cleanup by acting swiftly. Before it spills over onto tile or carpet, grab an auger, also known as a snake, and run it through the toilet or drain. A long one will be needed, possibly up to 15 feet. Push it as far as you need. The tool should dislodge the obstacle, reestablishing proper flow. This can be done throughout the premises. If the blockage cannot be reached, try the same procedure with the outside drainage line. Locate the white cap, and try the auger there as well.

3. When Do You Call the Professionals?

Rely on a reliable water remediation team to get to the source of the problem, sanitize and rebuild. With the clogged pipe cleared, focus on assessing the area and eliminating any category 3 water contamination. With service available all day any day, service's like SERVPRO can move in immediately, eliminating long wait times and secondary damage. This can reduce costs, decrease labor demands and salvage valuable assets.
Keep a close on eye on how everything works. Don't hesitate to investigate or have professionals out to inspect the premises and perform sewage cleanup.

5 Ways to Prepare Your Business for Flood Damage

12/21/2019 (Permalink)

Flooded office building Floods damage office building in Black Canyon City, AZ

No one can adequately prepare their business for a surprise flood, but when you have some advance warning that a severe storm is approaching your building in Black Canyon City, AZ, there are some steps that can be taken to reduce the water damage from any flooding that you may experience.

5 Steps You Can Take to Prepare for a Storm

There are a few things that ought to take priority when the weather report says that a serious storm system is on its way. Paying attention to these details can make the difference between minor storm cleanup and major damage.

Obtain adequate amounts of sand bags or alternative methods of barricade materials, such as inflatable dams. Store them on site so they can be employed whenever they are needed. Make sure to barricade any doors and windows that may be affected.
When word comes that a storm and possible flooding is on its way, move furniture and valuables to higher ground.
Ensure that all employees are able to leave the building before a storm hits
Move any computerized or electronic equipment on the main level or basement to a better location and ensure that all electrical cords are unplugged and moved as well.
Barricade any elevators to prevent any water that enters the building from causing flood damage to the inner workings.

What to do if Precautions Fail
In case flood waters catch you by surprise or preventive measures do not quite handle the incoming water, you may want to call on the help of a water and flood cleanup and restoration service in Black Canyon City, AZ, to professionally cleanup from the storm damage.
Flooding in your commercial building can be a disaster, but by taking some precautionary steps, you may minimize any damage that could happen. Storing the appropriate barricades and having a plan in place for flood control, should give you greater peace of mind.

Qualities of a Good Fire Restoration Company

12/21/2019 (Permalink)

A facility restored after fire damage Facility damaged by fire in

Qualities of a Good Fire Restoration Company

When you hire an employee or look for a business partner, you have certain qualifications in mind. For something as critical as restoring your workplace after a fire, you need the right professionals on the job. The best fire damage restoration companies in Yava, AZ, stand out apart from the competition. If you can identify certain traits, you should feel good making a good choice.

Provide Timely Service

A disastrous fire can strike at any time. Even smaller fires can leave behind significant damage and require smoke cleanup and rebuilding. There's no time to waste when it comes to hiring a restoration company to get your office back into shape. The right company can commit to doing the following:

  • Come to your workplace the same day you make the call
  • Provide service after hours, on the weekend or on holidays
  • Can complete the job quickly and thoroughly

Have Experience

It's important to review different fire damage restoration companies in the area and learn more about their history. The best companies will have a proven track record of success cleaning up after fires and helping with disastrous like the one you've suffered. An experienced team will have the right tools and will use effective techniques to do the job correctly.

Communicate Well

You need to depend on a company that has good organization skills and informs you about all the steps in the cleanup process. The crew should update you on its progress and should let you know if there are delays or unforeseen problems with the commercial fire cleanup effort. The team also needs to communicate effectively with your insurance company. This will help your claim go faster and more smoothly.
Fire damage restoration can be a stressful process. If you get a good company to clean up your office and make it functional again, you can feel much better about the situation.

Do You Need to Replace Your Bathroom Supply Lines?

12/9/2019 (Permalink)

Water piping tube installed externally along the bathroom wall Any kind of supply line damage should be addressed in a timely manner

These Tips Can Help You Properly Address Supply Line Damage in Your Home

A strong plumbing system is essential to a properly functioning bathroom. Whether you’re dealing with a leaking sink or a clogged toilet, the root of the problem most likely lies in faulty plumbing. If you aren’t sure whether you need to repair or replace your supply lines, these tips can help you properly address supply line damage in your Dewey- Humboldt, AZ, home.

Poor Water Quality

A major sign that something is wrong with your supply lines is compromised water quality. If you notice any of the following issues when running your water, you may have to change your water lines:

  • Foul smell
  • Discoloration
  • Rust

In some cases, poor water quality is simply an indication of municipal pipe maintenance, which usually requires the water main to be shut off. If the supply lines have been turned off for a while, there’s no reason to be alarmed if your water appears brown after you turn it on again. However, if you’re constantly seeing discolored or rusty water coming out of your faucet, it is likely the result of supply line damage.


If you come across any leaks in your home, they may also point to a faulty supply line. It’s important to address a supply line leak as soon as possible. If you don’t take immediate action, you may find yourself dealing with mold growth or other serious consequences. Be sure to have a professional investigate the problem right away so you can determine whether the issue is a supply line or bathroom leak.


In some cases, issues with your plumbing system may be a sign of age. It’s crucial to upgrade your supply lines as soon as you can to prevent further issues from occurring. If you aren’t up to doing the job by yourself, consult a professional to ensure that the new supply lines are installed properly.
Any kind of supply line damage should be addressed in a timely manner. Call water damage professionals immediately to bring your home back to its normal state.

Here’s How to Clean Out Your Dryer Vent and Prevent a Lint Fire

12/4/2019 (Permalink)

Hand cleaning accumulated clothing lint from trap in clothes dryer. Clint the lint filter every time

Every year in the United States, a dryer fire strikes almost 3,000 homes on average, causing around 100 injuries and a handful of deaths. The sad fact is that a simple cleaning of the lint can prevent at least 1/3rd of these in Lake Montezuma, AZ, so taking a little time to prevent a lint fire is an incredibly effective method of protecting your family and your possessions.

Clean the Lint Filter Every Time

This can’t possibly be overstated! It takes a few seconds and will prevent more frequent extensive cleanings. Mere seconds could be the difference between a fire and a normal day.

Inspecting the Vent Hose

The vent pipe will need to be cleaned out from time to time. Again, you can help reduce this need by regular lint filter cleaning, but eventually a build-up will occur from tiny pieces of lint that pass through the filter.
Inspect the vent hose by removing it from the back of the dryer. There may be a plastic clip with knobs you just need to flex, or, in some cases, a metal strap with a screw that will loosen it. Once you’ve pulled off the hose, simply look for significant build-up. If the normal flow of air will be impeded by the build-up, you need to remove it. Vacuum it out carefully to help avoid a lint fire.

Snaking Out the Vent

You probably can’t get to all the lint build-up in the hose, and if so, you’ll need to snake out the vent occasionally. Even if you don’t have a snake, this step still needs to be done at least once a year, so call a professional or friend with a snake to avoid a lint fire in the venting system.
No matter how you do it, you must periodically clean out the entire lint system to avoid devastating fire damage. If you have experienced smoke damage or a fire, you’ll need to remove the smoke residue, as it likely contains toxic elements. Call a professional fire cleanup company quickly, so they can begin evacuating the contaminated air and remove soot and heat damage.

3 Ways To Remove Black Mold From Your Shower

12/4/2019 (Permalink)

Bottle of vinegar Chances are you have a bottle of white distilled vinegar sitting in your pantry.

3 Ways To Remove Black Mold From Your Shower

When mold spores interact with water, they begin to spread, creating the potential for growth. Shower mold, then, could easily occur. After all, the bathroom is a location of high humidity. Puddles linger in the shower stall, and steam fills the air. Essentially, it is a feast for fungus. The result is black lines in your tile grout, making it look grim and gross. You can try to remove the buildup using some common household items. Start there. Then, if the problem keeps occurring, reach out to a mold remediation company in Black Canyon City, AZ, to investigate the area further. In the meantime, try the following tips for getting rid of the restroom grime.

1. Bleach It Out

Bleach is a toxic chemical, capable of eradicating black mold from the surface of items. If you use it, grab gloves and a mask. In addition, because of this formula's strength and smell, you'll want to ensure it's diluted. In a bucket, mix 1 cup bleach to 10 cups of water. This can be changed to smaller portions. Then, using a spray bottle cover the impacted area. Don't overdo it, though. You want it wet, but not drenched. Turn on the air, and let it sit for a bit. Once it's dry, go back over the area with a sponge or cloth, removing any stubborn spots.

2. Sterilize With Borax

Shower mold should fade away with this treatment; it is a natural killer. You'll combine one cup of the chemical with one gallon of water. Using a sprayer, apply it to the contamination. Do not rinse it off. Simply allow it to dry on its own.

3. Cleanse with Vinegar

Chances are you have a bottle of white distilled vinegar sitting in your pantry. It works well to reduce moldy tile and grout. You don't need to weaken this product unless you want to avoid a strong scent. Just put it on the affected sections and leave it to work.
Sanitize your stall. Begin by deciding on the right product for you. Then, get to scrubbing. Shower mold can dissipate, but it needs proper care.

How To Prevent Mold Damage After a Flood

11/14/2019 (Permalink)

Electrical breaker panel Make sure to turn off the electricity to avoid shocks or fires

How To Prevent Mold Damage After a Flood

Flooding of your Campo Verde, AZ, home can cause serious damage. You may think you should wait for an adjuster from your flood insurance company to visit your property before starting repairs. However, because mold can begin to colonize in as few as 24 hours, it is important to dry out your property as soon as possible. The following outlines the steps you should take after a flood to minimize the risk of mold damage:

Turn off electricity. The standing water poses a serious threat if the electricity is on. You may need to contact an electrician if you cannot do this safely yourself.

Notify your insurance company. The sooner you file a claim, the sooner an adjuster can visit the property. It is important to contact the insurance company before you begin any cleanup because they may have special instructions regarding documentation.

Document the damage. Take photographs or video of the flood damage. Make sure the pictures and video are as detailed as possible. List all the items you will not be able to salvage, the date you bought them and how much you paid for them. This documentation will help your flood insurance company provide you with a fair payout for your claim.

Remove standing water. Depending on the amount of water present, you may need to use specialized pumps or vacuums. You can also scoop out the water with buckets. Extract as much of the water as possible.

Dry out soaked materials. You will need fans and dehumidifiers to dry household objects. If the humidity outside is low, you can open the windows and doors to speed the process. Separate items that can be salvaged from those that cannot. Throw out anything that cannot be fully cleaned and dried.

If your home experiences flood damage, you will need to file a claim with your flood insurance company and then begin drying out your home to prevent mold damage. You may wish to hire a certified restoration company to help you get your home back to pre-flood condition.

Taking Care of Your Commercial Property Roof Is Critical for A Good Return on Investment

10/26/2019 (Permalink)

Roofer installing Roofing felt with heating and melting roll of bitumen roll by torch on flame Take care of your roof!

A solid roof is your front-line defense against everything Mother Nature can throw at your commercial property. It gets the worst of virtually everything, and its cover needs to be well-maintained to keep it functioning properly. Even a single roof leak can be a disaster over time in Chino Valley, AZ, so taking care of it well really pays off.

Keep That Roof Cover Sealed!

The most important part of preventing a leaky roof is regular inspections. Keep an eye out for these issues:

  • Prolonged standing water
  • Heavy rust
  • Bubbles in the roof coating
  • Gaps around roof structures and flashing
  • Cracking

Other symptoms may show up outside of inspections, including unexplained moldy or rotting smells and water stains on the ceiling. On commercial properties, the tenants may not inform you of these issues, so it’s best to occasionally inspect to reduce the internal damage and mitigate the restoration costs.

Cleaning Gutters and Storm Drains on Commercial Properties

The gutters on your property aren’t there for decoration! Once they have been filled with debris, water will simply overflow them as if you had no gutters at all – or worse, pooling water until it overflows onto the roof. This will eventually lead to aesthetic damage to exteriors, causing a roof leak, structural damage and serious undermining of the foundation, leading to cracking and settling.
Because the cost of cleaning the gutters is so much less than any other damage, it clearly pays to have them attended regularly. At the least, they must be cleaned every year, but most experts in Chino Valley, AZ, recommend a bare minimum of twice a year – and more frequently if conditions demand, such as nearby trees and gunk piled in from wind damage.
Once you have a roof leak, it must be fixed as soon as possible to reduce the impact to walls, flooring and roofing. Call a company with expertise in storm cleanup and water damage. They can assess the damage, remove soaked items, air out the premises with negative-pressure devices and restore everything to its former condition.

How To Know If You Have a Shower Pan Leak

10/17/2019 (Permalink)

Water damage in a bath with bathtub A bathtub leak is a costly expense that can cause a lot of water damage quickly or slowly over time

A bathtub leak is a costly expense that can cause a lot of water damage quickly or slowly over time. When caught early, residual damage to floors, subfloors, and lower levels can be minimized. While your best course of action may be to have your bathroom examined by a professional, there are some things you can do to determine whether you might have water seepage. Here are a few tips on how to recognize water that is leaking from your bathroom.

Likely Places Water Comes From

Water always follows the path of least resistance and unfortunately, it may not always go in the direction you would like. There are several common areas that water damage comes from:

  • Shower pan leak
  • Cracked tile
  • Cracked grout
  • Faulty seals around shower doors
  • Caulking that is peeling

Water can easily seep through the tiniest crack. Once it does, mold can begin to build up in unexpected or unseen places. If you suspect a bathtub leak, you need to call a remediation expert in Cottonwood, AZ.

How To Find the Source

A water stain on the floor below an upstairs bathroom is an obvious sign you have a leak. The first step is to visually inspect your bathroom for cracked or missing tile, grout, caulking, or faulty sealing. You can check to see if water is coming from the tub or shower pan by sealing off the drain with duct tape and filling the basin using a bucket of water. This will ensure any moisture you find around the shower is not coming from a leaking pipe. Fill it to about an inch from the top, measure the water level, and wait an hour to see if the water decreased at all.
If you discover that you have a bathtub leak, you will need to call a professional as quickly as possible to have the source of the leak stopped. A remediation expert will quickly repair any water damage to the structure of your home and return your bathroom to proper working order.