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Why You Should Use SERVPRO for Storm Damage Restoration

2/19/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Why You Should Use SERVPRO for Storm Damage Restoration If you have storm damage, call SERVPRO of Yavapai County

SERVPRO For Storm Damage Restoration

During a storm, it is possible that many clients might experience damage to their Prescott, AZ homes. When you need storm restoration for several damaged sites, SERVPRO is a great option. Here are a few reasons why this company is a top choice for many insurance agencies.

1. They Respond Quickly

SERVPRO is open 24 hours a day, so they can provide service as soon as you need it. Once you have contacted them, you should hear back from them within an hour. Over the next several hours after you have provided all of the needed information, they will arrive on the site and inspect the damage. They will let you know the best way to proceed with restoration. Their fast storm response will also allow them to start mitigation sooner to prevent any further damage to the property.

2. They Can Help Move Along the Claims Process

When you have many clients who need restoration services, it can be a lot to deal with. Working with a storm restoration company that gets the process going more quickly can be a big help. Because SERVPRO always provides a fast response, they can help speed up the claims and restoration process which can make things easier on you.

3. They Get the Job Done Right

With corporate help, local franchise locations can better serve your clients. Corporate locations can provide any needed equipment to complete the job. When you choose this company, you will be working with only highly-trained professionals with plenty of experience with storm restoration. You can trust them to do the work well as quickly as possible to get your clients’ homes safe and comfortable again.

When you are dealing with flood damage, it is important to get the process started quickly to prevent additional damage and a lengtheir claims process. Choosing a company that can provide immediate assistance and high-quality work can make everything go more smoothly.

Getting Professional Mold Remediation

2/19/2019 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Getting Professional Mold Remediation Black mold on walls

Mold Remediation

Mold damage is a lot more common than you might think. It is important to understand that with the right remediation and mitigation, a professional restoration company can handle the issue for you. If you are beginning to experience problems with your home or business concerning mold growth and mold growth behind walls, it's imperative that you contact a local restoration company to figure things out for you. Doing the work on your own can be too much to handle, especially when it concerns dry rot, mold growth, mildew, fungus and black mold. Plus, you'll be dealing with that horrible smelly odor that requires proper deodorization.

Finding the Mold in the Home

The first thing you'll need to do is to find the black mold, fungus or mildew in the home. Mold growth behind walls can be especially problematic, so it is important to hire a local restoration company to help out with the mold removal for you. Commercial mold damage can also be smelled, as you'll notice a smelly odor in the areas where the mold is present. Mold growth can be detected with special tools, so hiring a professional mitigation and remediation company might be beneficial.

How to Handle Mold Damage and Black Mold

The best way to handle mildew and fungus in the home is to hire a mitigation expert. The remediation pros will come with all of their own mold removal tools to get the job done. They are experiencing handling mold damage and know exactly what to do. Plus, they will check for mold growth behind walls to get rid of it for you and get your home back to the way it was before. If you have recently experienced a flood of some sort, you could very well have mold in the home and need expert remediation and mitigation to make things right. Dry rot and black mold can be highly problematic if left to fester, so be sure to contact a local commercial mold damage agency.

Visit for more information on mold.

How to Find a Local Restoration Company

2/19/2019 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation How to Find a Local Restoration Company SERVPRO of Yavapai County can get your home back to normal

How to Find a Local Restoration Company

The best way for you to find a local commercial mold damage agency is to look online or ask other people. Mold damage and mold removal are no laughing matter, especially if you're dealing with dry rot that is a result of the mold growth. Mold growth behind walls can also be an issue because it is difficult to see on your own without the help of a professional company. Fungus and mildew can get much worse if it is left without being properly cleaned, so be sure to find and contact a local commercial mold damage company now.

What to Expect with Mold Removal

If you have mold in the home, you might be wondering what you should expect with deodorization of that smelly odor. Mold in the home is cleaned and gone through deodorization by the experts when it is most convenient for you. The company may need to come back multiple times to get rid of the smelly odor and to rid the home of all mold spores. They will use a series of devices and tools to ensure that the cleaning has been done properly. Dry rot can also go through deodorization, so the company can do this for you.

Once you have found that you have a mold problem, it's time to consider the fact that a professional company can be there to make things right for you. They will charge a reasonable fee for their services, based on a sliding scale of their clients' needs. You will also enjoy the fact that they take care of all the work for you so that you are not left trying to figure it all out on your own. There are lots of reasons to contact this company, but the main reason is because it helps you get your home back.

How To Maintain a Commercial Roof

2/12/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage How To Maintain a Commercial Roof Property owners should schedule a professional roof inspection at least once a year.

How To Maintain A Commercial Roof

Commercial roofing can last for decades with regular maintenance. In addition to the following preventative measures, building owners or managers should also fix any roof damage caused by wind or storms as soon as possible.

Clear Drainage

One of the easiest ways to keep a roof in good condition is to regularly clean out the drainage system. Pooling water can undermine roofing materials, lead to leaks and shorten the lifespan of a roof. Be sure to clear out every part of the system. This may include:

  • Downspouts
  • Drains
  • Gutters
  • Scuppers

Clean the entire system at least twice a year. Roof drains may need to be cleared every three months during the spring and summer and every month during fall and winter.

Regular Inspections

Property owners should schedule a professional roof inspection at least once a year. Owners or managers can also check the rooftop on a regular basis, particularly after major storms. Look for any signs of common roof problems such as:

  • Blistering
  • Buckling
  • Deformation
  • Granular loss
  • Missing shingles
  • Ponding
  • Punctures

Any of these issues may result in a leak. Fixing roof damage is an important part of overall maintenance.

Trim Trees

Minor wind damage may loosen roofing materials, but overhanging tree limbs pose a major risk. Owners or managers of buildings surrounded by tall trees should schedule regular trimmings. A fallen limb can cause extensive roof and structural damage.

Proper Coating

Roofing specialists can apply a waterproof coating to almost any type of rooftop. Elastomeric coatings protect the surface from environmental damage. A single treatment can last 10 to 20 years, depending on weather conditions and roof maintenance.

All of these methods can be useful for maintaining the rooftop of a commercial structure in Prescott Valley, AZ. Quickly fixing any roof damage that occurs may forestall the need for a roof rebuild. If a leak results in damage, contact a mitigation and restoration service.

3 Ways To Deal With Fire and Water Damage

2/4/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage 3 Ways To Deal With Fire and Water Damage Fire damage at a Bagdad, AZ kitchen

Dealing With Fire And Water Damage

Water and fire damage combine when a fire hose is used to extinguish a blaze. These hoses can introduce hundreds of gallons of water into a home and make cleaning up and restoring damage more difficult. Homeowners dealing with both fire and water damage should hire restoration professionals. Here are three ways that experts handle compound damage. 

1. Remove Water

Extracting standing water is a top priority. The water used to suppress a fire immediately degrades from Category One to contaminated Category Three water as it makes contact with ash, soot, and smoke. The chemicals released during combustion make this water pose a safety risk. Damage mitigation experts may use a pump to quickly get rid of water.

2. Clear Out Ash and Soot 

The next phase of the clean-up process is to address the worst of the fire damage. Remove built-up soot and tear out porous materials exposed to open flame, excessive heat and dirty water. In general, carpet, drywall and insulation are ruined by this combination of factors and may pose a heightened risk of mold if left intact. Restoration should not proceed until the area affected by fire and water is dry.

3. Dry the Area

Once an area damaged by fire and water no longer contains standing water or excessive amounts of soot, it is necessary to promote drying. Restoration professionals may recommend additional ventilation or a dehumidifier to draw out residual moisture. Rebuilding can only take place after the area has become completely dry. 

These ways of dealing with combined water and fire damage can help homeowners anticipate the equipment and duration of time necessary to complete the cleanup process. A company that specializes in damage restoration can ensure that each of these methods is done as quickly and thoroughly as possible to reduce the risk of further damage to a home in Bagdad, AZ .

3 Ways To Control a Mold Problem in Your Home

1/21/2019 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation 3 Ways To Control a Mold Problem in Your Home Extreme mold infestation in a Prescott Valley, AZ home

Mold Under Control In Your Home

Water damage in your home in Prescott Valley, AZ can be problematic enough on its own. Unfortunately, areas saturated with water are likely to experience mold growth. However, there are various ways you can keep mold under control in your home.

1. Find and Eliminate the Source(s) of Water

As soon as you realize that water is leaking or flooding your home, locating the source(s) of the water can help you know what to do next. If you find that an appliance is leaking, shutting down or turning off that appliance may stop the water from flowing. However, in some instances, you may need to shut off the water in your home. By stopping the flow of water, you will keep the damage contained and lessen the areas where mold is likely to grow.

2. Keep Your Home Dry

Once water is no longer flowing into your home, it’s wise to make sure your home is as dry as possible. Using fans and opening windows can help your home dry out more quickly. Since mold grows in warm, damp environments, keeping your home dry will prevent mold from growing. Additionally, quickly taking measurements to keep your home dry can also help to prevent further water damage from occurring.

3. Take Preventative Measurements

Sometimes, you may not notice that mold has grown in your home until it has spread and caused damage. However, it can be helpful to frequently check the areas in your home where mold is most likely to grow. If you do notice any leaks in your home, it’s generally best to fix the problem as quickly as possible in order to prevent mold from growing.

With knowledge of how to manage the issue of mold growth in your home, you can also take steps toward mold prevention. If water damage in your home has caused extensive amounts of mold to grow, however, you may want to contact mold remediation experts.

7 Steps To Take After a Pipe Breaks

1/17/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage 7 Steps To Take After a Pipe Breaks Broken pipe under sink caused water damage in Chino Valley, AZ

7 Steps to Slow the Impact of The Pooling Water

Whether water freezes and breaks a pipe, or the pipe gets old and ruptures, bursting pipes are one of most homeowner’s worst nightmares in Chino Valley, AZ. Not only can the water quickly destroy the items inside the house, but it can also lead to other problems such as mold, mildew and pests. To slow the impact of the pooling water, take these seven steps.

1. Close the water valve.

Prevent further water from entering your home by turning off the water valve. If you can’t find a valve, turn off the water main at the street.

2. Call in the pros.

Contacting a water mitigation specialty team can speed your home’s recovery process. Not only are they knowledgeable, but they have the tools to fix a broken pipe and quickly renew your home.

3. Open a water faucet.

By opening a faucet on the same line as the leaking pipe after the water is off, any residual pressure can be alleviated.

4. Remove standing water.

Getting the water off the floor as quickly as possible can keep it from soaking down into flooring and up into walls. Stopping the water damage can save you not only money but also weeks of home repairs.

5. Sort through items.

Damaged items should be sorted as soon as possible into discard and salvageable piles. All wet items should then be removed from the area, with discarded items going to into the trash.

6. Ventilate the area.

Bursting pipes can leave the damaged area wet and muggy. To remove the humidity and help dry the area more thoroughly, ventilate the room. Open windows and set up fans to aid in the humidity transfer.

7. Call your insurance company.

Not all water problems need to be reviewed by an insurance adjuster, but if your damage is severe, call your insurance company and request they open a file.

Bursting pipes do not need to be a life changer when you take these seven steps. You can be in control of keeping the water damage to a minimum, and that feels good.

Fire Insurance: Why It’s Important

1/8/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Fire Insurance: Why It’s Important Fire damage in Cottonwood, AZ restaurant

Fire Insurance: Why It’s Important

Fire insurance is essential, especially for commercial and industrial properties. While this type of insurer is excellent in the event of a fire, it is also important to note the significant coverages of most of these insurance policies.

1. Fire Damage

The most obvious coverage is for fire damage. While it is true that some business policies will cover certain losses, it is important to note that policies specific to fire disasters will likely cover all aspects of fire damage with minimal pushback from your insurer.

2. Suppression Systems and Tools

Additionally, fire insurance will likely cover any necessary maintenance expenses of your fire suppression system and equipment. This means that if an annual inspection uncovers some serious issues with your sprinkler system, then your policy will likely cover the cost of repairs.

3. Utility Repair

If a fire occurs, and not only the structure of your property is damaged, but also the utilities running throughout your facility are as well, then a fire policy will likely cover the costs of repair. This goes for damaged plumbing, electrical, gas lines and even ductwork. The coverage should also extend to duct cleaning as well, ensuring that harmful chemicals from the smoke and fumes are cleared of your HVAC system.

4. Mitigation and Restoration

Lastly, insurance geared toward fire disasters may even cover the costs associated with fire restoration. Your insurer and a disaster restoration specialist in the Cottonwood, AZ, area can shed more light on the specifics of this type of coverage. However, these specialists are experts in the areas of fire and smoke cleanup which is what your policy was created for.

Fire insurance as a stand-alone policy or an addendum to your current business policy is a wise decision for your commercial property. These policies provide security in the event of significant property loss due to fires, which are more common in commercial real estate than residential properties.

Signs It's Time To Change Your Bathroom Supply Lines

12/30/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Signs It's Time To Change Your Bathroom Supply Lines Water damage in a Prescott Valley, AZ bathroom

Signs It's Time To Change Your Bathroom Supply Lines

If you've recently noticed a bathroom leak, it may be due to supply line damage. Unfortunately, this is not an easy or affordable problem to correct, but correcting it is necessary if you want to avoid costly secondary damage. However, if you were just thinking about your supply lines and want to know when you need to replace them, you may be in luck. Many newer piping materials are made to last—newer meaning they've been around for several decades. That said, for your peace of mind, consider the following four instances in which swapping out old pipelines with new ones would be beneficial:

  • Your pipes are old.
  • You've noticed irregularities.
  • Outside forces are at play.
  • You're remodeling.

If any of the above apply to your pipes, it wouldn't be a bad idea to have them inspected for supply line damage.


"Age is but a number," they say, which is true for humans but not so true for homes and the materials of which they're made. If your pipes are made of PVC, they'll only last 25 to 40 years. However, if they're made of galvanized steel, you can expect to get up to 80 to 100 years of use out of them without so much as a supply line leak.


A person can be young and still have health issues, and so too can your supply lines. If you notice irregularities, such as a bathroom leak, stains or discoloration, your pipes may be in trouble.


If a giant tree sits close to your house, you need watch the roots. If the roots reach beneath your home, there's a good chance that your supply lines, and your home's structure, will be compromised.


You may not need to replace your supply lines now, but if you're remodeling your home and have the funds to do so, it wouldn't hurt to invest in new pipes. Remember, newer supply lines are made to last up to 100 years and often come with lifetime warranties.

Whether or not you suspect supply line damage, it's a good idea to have your pipes inspected periodically. If you don't, you may become well acquainted with your Prescott Valley, AZ, water damage remediation team.

Using a Home Fire Extinguisher

12/30/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Using a Home Fire Extinguisher Knowing how to use a fire extinguisher can protect your family and property in Bagdad, AZ

Using a Home Fire Extinguisher

Anywhere an open flame or heating element appears, there is a risk of fire. Protect your family and property in Bagdad, AZ, by familiarizing yourself with the usage of a fire extinguisher.

1. Locating and Readying

Ensure that anyone in the home knows the location of all fire suppression devices and can reach them in case of a fire. Remember that there are multiple types of extinguishers for different types of fire, such as oil, wood or electrical. Most extinguishers will have a tamper ring or other seal in addition to the pin. Both must be removed into order for the handle to function.

2. Technique

Firmly grasping the hose, aim directly at the flaming material and squeeze the trigger mechanism in the handle. Perform a side-to-side sweeping motion and cover the entire surface, aiming at a low angle. Do not stand too close to the fire. Units filled with pressurized water are some of the most common and effective, but they cannot be used on electrical or grease fires. Using the wrong fire extinguisher type at this stage can cause additional fire damage.

3. Know the Limits

If the fire cannot be suppressed in a reasonable amount of time and has begun to spread to other surfaces, you must contact emergency personnel. Have the phone number of your local fire department ready. For example, an oil kitchen fire that cannot be contained by a B-type carbon dioxide extinguisher and has risen to the walls or ceiling materials should be abandoned. At this stage, you should evacuate the home.

Safety is of the utmost importance in a fire scenario. If your fire extinguisher is insufficient to eliminate the fire and your home has suffered damage, it may be prudent to contact a qualified fire restoration service to bring your home back to its original condition.