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Commercial Considerations and Insurance

8/19/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial insurance coverage will cover damages from falling trees

What Does Storm Insurance And Coverage Actually Cover?

While the winter provides its fair share of concern, from burst pipes to ice coverage, the spring, with its severe weather conditions, provides a heightened sense of anxiety, especially among commercial property owners. Granted, most commercial policies include storm insurance and coverage, but what does that actually cover? What are the likely losses covered in storm policies and what aren't?

1. Falling Trees and Storm Debris

Commercial insurance coverage will cover damages from falling trees and other debris as long as the cause was the storm. Therefore, if the high winds of a storm uproot landscaping and hurtle it toward the building, then the insurance plan will probably cover the damage. However, if there was an existing issue with the tree, like root rot, then your claim might be denied.

2. Wear and Tear

With storm insurance, as with any commercial policy, a loss is only covered when it is unexpected, not when it is a result of negligence. Therefore, if you have a leaking roof that you have ignored, and then a storm comes through making the leak worse, then your insurer will likely reject the claim for roof damage. Insurers protect against the unexpected, not the known.

3. Contents

While most policies will cover damages to contents within the building, a set dollar allotment for coverage is based on specific values. You will want to make sure that your coverage is enough to cover the cost of replacements for furniture and equipment.

4. Restoration

After a storm rips through your area, you might need a storm remediation specialist in the Yava, AZ, area. Thankfully, your commercial policy will probably help to cover any restoration or mitigation costs. However, the values are often based on the costs of a rebuild and not market value.
Storm insurance is tied into your commercial policy. While it may not cover everything, storm coverage does help to mitigate some of the potential expenses. Therefore, review your policy and know what to expect the next time a storm comes around.

When Fire Closes Your Doors: Business Interruption Insurance

8/12/2019 (Permalink)

Business interruption insurance is valuable and necessary when your business is affected by fire

If you've never thought about the financial losses that would follow a commercial fire, you may want to spend a few minutes asking yourself the following questions:

  • Can you continue operating after a fire?
  • How can you keep your customers satisfied while your primary business place is closed?
  • Can you afford to shut down for a few days or weeks or longer?
  • Is there a way to prepare for emergencies, such as fire damage?

Business interruption insurance coverage is the answer too many of the problems that come with emergencies. This type of coverage can help you prepare for lost business days due to severe weather, flooding, fire, and other crises.

What's at Risk?

The more you know about how business interruption coverage works, the better able you'll be to prepare for emergencies. For example, did you know that fires are some of the most common and expensive catastrophes to affect businesses? The damage may be extensive, and the losses due to being closed down for repairs and fire restoration can quickly add up.

How Will You Recover?

If you don't want your customers looking elsewhere for goods and services, you may need to set up a temporary location. If this isn't an option, you may want to establish some type of communication system to keep customers apprised of your recovery efforts. Either way, interruption insurance coverage may provide necessary resources to help your Black Canyon City, AZ, recover.

What Does Insurance Cover?

Business interruption coverage is separate from the coverage you have for direct property losses. If you have a good policy, it may cover

  • Lost sales and revenue attributed to the fire
  • Evacuation and temporary relocation costs
  • Costs of running utilities to your damaged property
  • Rent payments for the damaged building

Work closely with insurance agents, fire damage restoration professionals, contractors, fire department officials, municipal authorities, and others to maintain open communication and a consistent flow of information.

Interruption insurance is a valuable and necessary factor of protection when your business is affected by fire. Get as much information as you can regarding the available interruption coverage.

Protecting Your Rental Home From Mold Damage

7/23/2019 (Permalink)

Before your renters move in check your kitchen sink to ensure there are no leaks

Mold damage in any commercial building is a major headache, but a rental property comes with its own unique challenges. You may not be able to inspect your long-term rental property as frequently as other commercial buildings, so it’s essential to utilize the proper mold prevention techniques to protect your investment.

Inspect Water Lines

Plumbing is one of the most common causes of water damage in a home. Before your renters move in, or during periodic checks, look at the following areas to ensure there are no leaks, drips or condensation:

  • Kitchen sink
  • Dishwasher and refrigerator
  • Bathroom sink, bathtub and toilet
  • Basements
  • Utility rooms

Because your water lines run through the wall cavities and floor, it can be difficult to find the exact location of a plumbing leak. Any damp spot on your wall, floor or a musty odor can all be signs that you have a hidden pipe that’s leaking. Prompt repairs are a key mold prevention strategy.

Lower Your Thermostat

Another major cause of mold growth is humid air. Turning up the thermostat in your rental building increases the chances of mold in two ways. First, hot hair produces more humidity, particularly in improperly ventilated areas. Second, running your furnace in Dewey- Humboldt, AZ, can cause it to create a lot of condensation. Whether your rental property has a drain line or a condensation pan, this excess moisture can begin to pool and harbor mold spores.

Leave Your Heat on

However, don’t be tempted to turn your furnace completely off in the winter. Even if your property is only rented in the summer, it’s a good idea to leave the furnace on in the winter. This mold prevention strategy works because cool, moist air can also enter your home if it drops below freezing temperatures. If these strategies aren’t enough, a mold removal expert who is Here to Help can restore your rental property in time to provide a safe, warm home for a family or individual in your area.

How Does Water Damage Occur After a Home Fire?

7/17/2019 (Permalink)

Fire damage in Lake Montezuma, AZ area

While many people are aware of the damage flames and smoke can cause to their home in the event of a home fire, not everyone considers how damaging water can also be. If you’ve just experienced a fire in your home in Lake Montezuma, AZ, you might be wondering how water entered your home in the first place and what repairs might need to be done. Here is some information to help you better understand how to deal with water damage after a fire.

Main Causes of Water Damage After a Fire

There are several ways water can enter your home during a fire:

Extinguishing the Fire: The fire hose used to extinguish the fire can cause major flooding and damage the structure of your home and affect your belongings as well. Also, water from extinguishers or sprinklers systems can also cause damage.

Plumbing Issues: High temperature and falling structures can cause pipes to burst or a variety of other plumbing issues. This can cause immediate flooding and damage to the surrounding area.

Storm Water: It is not uncommon for fires to start during a storm due to lightning or falling objects. If any openings are created in your roof or walls, rain and flood waters can easily enter your home.

Addressing Water Damage

After experiencing a fire, you will need to call a qualified restoration specialist to address both the water and fire damage that occurred. They will have the equipment and expertise necessary to remove all water and smoke from your home and make it look like new. The specialist might need to address the following common issues:

  • Damaged drywall and ceilings
  • Deteriorated wood flooring or carpet
  • Mold or mildew buildup
  • Affected appliances and personal belongings

No matter the source, there are many ways water can enter your home during a house fire. Fortunately, a restoration company can take the necessary action to address both water and fire damage make your home look like new.

Know the Differences Between Water and Flood Damage

7/12/2019 (Permalink)

The main difference between a water damage and flood damage is where the cater comes from

Understanding the Difference Between Flooding and Water Damage

There are many ways water can impact your property in Campo Verde, AZ, but you may not realize that there are actually two different kinds of this damage. The term "water damage" refers to specific situations, while flood damage is completely different, despite it still being water that causes the problems. It is most important to understand this distinction for insurance purposes, as a policy may cover one and not the other. Make sure you understand the difference between flooding and other kinds of damage caused by water.

Ordinary Damage

Ordinary water damage is usually caused by something the homeowner could control:

  • A pipe bursts
  • A broken window lets rain enter
  • Water leaks in through a hole in the roof
  • An appliance malfunctions and releases water

All of these types of damage fall into this category and are distinct from floodwater issues. Most of them fall into category one or two, and most insurance policies do cover this type, luckily.

Flood Damage

On the other hand, flooding is caused by large amounts of water and must affect more than one home. This type of damage includes excessive run-off, mudslides, tidal waves, and land collapsing into the water. One of the easiest ways to tell the difference between this and other types is whether the water touches the ground or not. If it does, you are dealing with flood damage. This type falls into category three, black water.

While it can be scary to think of your property being damaged by water of any kind, there are flood restoration services that repair these issues. Damage due to flooding is usually more extensive and affects the outside of the building, while ordinary damage can present in all sorts of places and is more limited. In either case, cleaning and repairs may be needed to remove debris, fix broken walls or floors and eliminate the potential for mold growth.

Beware of Fire Damage Not Covered by Insurance

6/26/2019 (Permalink)

Fire damage in a Chino Valley, AZ restaurant

There are many types of fires that can destroy your commercial building, and some of them are probably covered under your insurance policy. However, fire damage can result from different types of special circumstances, so an insurance adjuster is often sent to evaluate the scene and determine if your building is covered. Understanding the fire exclusions in most insurance policies can help you prevent your Chino Valley, AZ, property from incurring those types of damages.

Unusual Circumstances

Many commercial fires result from unusual circumstances, and some of those are covered under most standard policies. This can include events caused by some of the following:

  • Electrical malfunctions
  • Lightning strikes
  • Defective machines

If the source of the fire is determined to be unintentional, the fire damage will probably be covered, and that is good news for the commercial building or property owner.

Coverage Exclusions

Commercial policies often provide separate coverage for the building and business within. For this reason, property owners may be surprised that part of the building and surroundings are often not included in the standard insurance coverage. Here are a few examples of common exclusions:

  • Vehicles, even in parking garages
  • Pavement, sidewalks and parking lots
  • Foundations, including substructures
  • Walls, except as part of the building

Separate policies are available for each of these exclusions, and property owners can purchase the endorsements in almost all areas of the country.

Purposeful Destruction

Another exclusion is arson. A claim for damage resulting from someone intentionally setting a blaze inside the building will almost always be denied, and depending on the circumstances, may also be prosecuted.

If you want to protect your commercial building from fire damage, call in a fire mitigation expert to examine the property and look for possible problems. You can also contact your insurance agent about additions or endorsements to the policy to cover more of your property after a fire. Protecting yourself against a possible destructive fire in a proactive way can help prevent future loss.

How To Address a Flooded Furnace

6/18/2019 (Permalink)

Clean your air ducts

How To Address a Flooded Furnace

A burst pipe or significant water seepage can cause extensive destruction inside any business in Chino Valley, AZ. Like office furniture and building materials, critical HVAC equipment may be vulnerable to flood damage. A water-damaged furnace can malfunction and present a serious safety hazard. Because of this, it’s important for every property owner to properly evaluate their system following a furnace flood.

1. Disconnect Power

Water and electricity can be a deadly combination. To minimize the risk of injury, shut off power to a flooded furnace as quickly as possible. As a precaution, you should also disconnect the gas lines on a gas-powered unit. For safety reasons, refrain from engaging the furnace until it’s inspected by a licensed technician.

2. Inspect Unit

Depending on the extent of flooding, your unit may be caked in debris and mud. A HVAC specialist can clean the furnace and evaluate the extent of damage.
Water infiltration may cause both the internal structure and key components to rust and corrode, resulting in reliability issues and potential fire hazards. As a result, your technician may recommend replacing the device.

3. Replace Vital Components

Some business owners may choose not to replace their units after a furnace flood. To help your system run as efficiently as possible, you may need to replace critical components, such as valves, controls and gas regulators. You should also replace wet filters.

4. Clean Air Ducts

Mold thrives in moist environments. A flooded furnace can enable the fungus to thrive and infiltrate centralized heating ducts. To minimize this risk, complete a thorough air duct cleaning. Because it can harbor spores, you should also discard and replace wet duct insulation.

Water damage cleanup and restoration can be a costly expense for any business. Enduring a furnace flood can compromise the integrity of the building’s heating unit, complicating matters. Initiating an efficient response can ensure safe system operation, protecting your investment from additional destruction.

What Can I Do After Flooding?

6/11/2019 (Permalink)

Flooding causes mold in a Cottonwood, AZ home

Tips in How to Remove Water in Your Home

Whether from storms or broken pipes, excess water can be a problem. It can cause immediate troubles, such as water damage to your belongings, but can also lead to issues such as mold. It’s key to clean up all water and moisture immediately and properly. Here are tips for removing excess water in your Cottonwood, AZ, home.

Water Poses Threats

The most immediate threat posed by household flooding is waterlogged belongings. Even an inch of water can have a devastating impact on floors, furniture, electronics and more. But there can be other issues long term, including:

  • Mold and mildew growth
  • Insect infestation
  • Odors

These things can be expensive to fix after the fact, so it’s best to take the steps to avoid their occurrence in the first place. Fortunately, that can be relatively easy.

Get Rid of Excess Water

You may need a professional cleaner to completely get rid of all of the water, but you can set yourself up for success by removing what you can immediately. Use mops and highly absorbent towels to blot out as much as possible and minimize water damage.

Remove Valuables

Unplug and remove electronics. Next, remove furniture and other portable items like lamps, artwork and even books. There are professionals that specialize in restoring these types of items, and the faster you remove them from the water, the higher the odds they can be restored.

Dry What You Can

Take cushions and upholstery items somewhere to dry. Hang wet fabrics such as rugs outside. If it’s summertime, turn on the air conditioning to help the room dry out as much as possible.
Even an inch of flooding in your home can cause major water damage. While contacting water removal pros is the best way to restore your home, you can take immediate steps to minimize damage. Use these water cleanup tips, and you’ll keep the worst flood damage at bay.

The Visible and Not-So-Visible Signs You've Had a Flood

5/30/2019 (Permalink)

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If a water supply line breaks in your house in Prescott, AZ, many items can be damaged. When water spreads, it can devastate objects like appliances and HVAC systems by rusting metal and corroding wires. It also harms furniture and the interior of your home by swelling wood and soaking drywall. Some of the damaged items are quite visible, but others can be hidden until you begin repairs.

Obvious Signs of Water Damage

When you walk into your house and see pools of water in the basement, puddles on the floors and saturated carpets, you know immediately a pipe has burst. Damage is easily seen in dripping and swelling wood, including the following symptoms:

• Wet and puckered cabinets, closet doors, pantry doors, and wood floors
• Water beading and dripping from structural beams in walls and ceilings
• Discolored furniture such as dressers, bed frames, TV stands, and china cabinets
• Soaked legs on upholstered furniture such as armchairs, recliners, sofas, and loveseats
• Waterlogged mirror frames, photo frames, clocks, and framed art

Less Obvious Signs of Water Damage

Mold and mildew can grow in dark areas under carpets and in soft surfaces like drapes and rugs. Inside the pantry, where it is cool and dark, is a perfect place for water to be missed. The undersides of shelves can retain water because they go largely unchecked. Windows and doors that don't close properly are a good indicator that water is still there.

When you need a company to repair and restore your water-damaged home in Prescott, AZ, make sure they address both the visible and the less visible damage. Items made from real wood can be dried out rather than thrown out, saving you time and money after the water pipe repair is completed. Once the water has receded, swelling wood can be restored and damaged upholstery can be cleaned so you can get back on your feet quickly.

Can Cleaning Restore Smoke-Damaged Electronics?

5/30/2019 (Permalink)

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Electronics damaged by fire will likely need to be replaced, but it may be possible for fire cleanup experts to restore appliances and devices that have only sustained smoke damage. There are several methods that may restore the functionality of items exposed to smoke.

Clearing Out Corrosion

Smoke contains acidic compounds and water vapor that combine to cause corrosion on metal components such as circuits. Electronics cleaning experts may:

• Remove corrosion
• Prevent short-circuiting
• Reduce the risk of an electric fire

It is unsafe to use electronics that have corroded components. It is safest to rely on the expertise of fire cleanup experts in a controlled off-site location than to attempt to clean corrosion.

Cleaning off Black Film

Another telltale sign of smoke damage is a black film that forms across internal electronic components. This film is caused by smoke and soot and:

• Adheres to dirt or dust
• Can cause overheating
• May prevent devices from functioning

Cleanup professionals can also safely remove this black film, which may restore the normal functionality of electronics. It is important to use specialized cleaning and repair equipment to avoid further damaging delicate parts.

Safely Testing Electronics

You may run the risk of starting another fire by attempting to test electronics damaged by excessive heat or smoke. It is safer to allow experienced professionals to attempt to clean damage and then test items in an off-site facility. In addition to testing, these specialists can provide:

• Data recovery or backup
• Proof of damage or loss
• Restored electronics

It is best to hand off electronics to a content cleaning service to have restoration attempted elsewhere. Items with irreparable damage should be claimed as losses and replaced.

Electronics cleaning experts are likely to have the best results when it comes to restoring electronics. Rely on a fire cleanup firm that provides off-site content cleaning and storage in Prescott, AZ.