Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

Public Building With Puddles of Water

A broken pipe in the roof is the reason for the puddles all along the main floor. The water created a hole in the ceiling and continued to pour out into the nig... READ MORE

Water Loss Remediation In Gym

Humidity - The Real Cause of Damage Most of the time water is blamed for all the problems during a water loss. But just as important in the humidity. In a gym w... READ MORE

Black Mold Cleanup

What is black mold? The scientific term for black mold is stachybotrys chartarum. This specific mold can be black and a dark green. It usually shows up after wa... READ MORE

Backroom Damaged by Fire

Utility Room in Bagdad, AZ Suffers Fire Damage SERVPRO of Yavapai County was called in to help after a fire had started in the backroom. It was a fairly large f... READ MORE

Fire Suppression Saves Warehouse

Small Fire is Suppressed by Fire Sprinklers A small fire started in this warehouse that set off the fire sprinkler system. A small fire in a warehouse with a lo... READ MORE

Duct Cleaning Prescott, AZ

Dirty Air Ducts Over time, your air ducts get dirty. The air duct in the picture hadn't been cleaned for almost 5 years. The facility manager have no idea how b... READ MORE