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How Long Does the Mold Removal Process Last?

4/11/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial How Long Does the Mold Removal Process Last? Mold removal is a process and one which cannot be rushed.

How Long Does The Mold Removal Process Last?

Most commercial property owners are likely concerned with the business interruption related to the mold removal process. While the process generally takes 3-7 days, depending on the severity of the infestation, many owners wonder if there is a way to speed it up. However, this desire comes from both a want to return to business as usual and a lack of understanding for the removal and remediation process. There are at least four steps to remediation, and each one is as important as the last, meaning that there are no shortcuts and no way to rush.

1. Containment

Containment is vital to remediation and getting your business back on track because it reduces the risk of spread. If this step is tossed aside or rushed through, then you run the risk of further mold growth in other areas of your property, consequently increasing the length of time needed to mitigate and restore the area.

2. Controlled Removal

Similar to containment, controlled mold removal focuses on collecting all contaminated materials and sealing them in trash bags to prevent the spread of mold spores throughout your facility. Again, if this step is ignored and people just rip up carpets and drag them through the hallways, you run the risk of mold developing in other areas.

3. Cleaning and Disinfecting

The cleaning and disinfecting phase of the process is vital to eliminate the risk of re-infestation. If appropriate procedures aren’t followed, then you may see a resurgence in mold growth. Also, if black mold affected areas are not adequately cleaned, then health and safety concerns may remain. A mold remediation specialist in the Yava, AZ area takes only the time necessary to mitigate and restore your facility, thereby protecting you and your patrons.

4. Salvage

The last stage of the process, salvaging, is possibly the only phase where you can save time. However, keeping and cleaning items may save you money in the long run, but if you wish to discard everything, you may.

Mold removal is a process and one which cannot be rushed. While you can attempt to rush through some things, you are only risking your business further damage.

3 Reasons To Choose a Certified Document Restoration Service for Your Business Needs

3/25/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO 3 Reasons To Choose a Certified Document Restoration Service for Your Business Needs Choosing a certified company can help you feel more confident about the process.

3 Reasons To Choose A Certified Document Restoration Service For Your Business Needs

Technology has allowed Campo Verde, AZ business owners to store much of their data on the cloud or through other electronic means. However, some documents cannot be stored this way due to security issues or because they are too fragile to undergo scanning or photocopying processes. This can make them vulnerable to fire, flooding and mold, all of which could damage or destroy them. If you need document restoration services, there are a few reasons why you might consider calling in a professional, certified service.

1. Lower Costs for Bundled Jobs

If flooding has affected your business and you find yourself with multiple documents that have taken on water damage, calling in a certified document drying company may help your cleanup budget. These services sometimes offer discounts on large jobs, so the more items you have treated, the more you might save. It is a good idea to ask about these rates before you sign an on-call contract with a restoration service.

2. A Faster Response

Having a document restoration company no further than a phone call away can garner a faster response when an unexpected flood or other disaster happens at your business. For example, if a major basement flood affects records you have stored there, you will not have to worry about how to treat them until you can find help. Since time is typically a major factor with preserving damaged documents, having a company you can contact right away could make a significant difference.

3. Certified Technicians

Document restoration services like SERVPRO employ certified technicians who can offer you a variety of options when it comes to reversing damaged caused by flooding or mold. They will likely inform you about each option, what each entails, and then help you make the best choice for your particular issue.

When flooding and other disasters affect your Campo Verde, AZ business, you may find yourself in need of document restoration services. Choosing a certified company can help you feel more confident about the process and how it can help to bring important documents back from the brink of destruction.

The Truth About Chemical Drain Cleaners and Your Plumbing

3/18/2019 (Permalink)

The Truth About Chemical Drain Cleaners And Your Plumbing

Chemical drain cleaners come in gel, liquid, and powder. Most of them tell you to pour a certain amount down the drain and then add water. What they don’t tell you is how the chemicals work and what the result could be as the chemicals work in your clogged drain or plumbing lines.

Your Plumbing Pipes

There are two types of chemical cleaners for drains sold at most hardware or big-box stores in Chino Valley, AZ. One is an oxidizing type that contains bleach in the form of hydochlorite and peroxide that breaks down the hair and household clogs if they are organic materials. The other chemical cleaner is a caustic drainer cleaner containing lye and sodium hydroxide that breaks grease clogs into tiny bubbles. Both types use:

  • Gas
  • Chemical explosions
  • Heat

The chemical reactions from the cleaners can also result in a cleaning method that may be dangerous for your pipes. As the heat, gas, and chemicals expand, they can weaken, deteriorate, and corrode the lines. Also, you may wonder if fighting a clogged drain with chemicals is worth it, considering what it can do to the environment.

Your Septic Tank

If you have a septic tank, beware of using a chemical drain cleaner because most of the bacteria used to break down the contents of the septic tank may be destroyed by the harsh chemicals in the cleaners. Also, heat and gas caused by the chemicals can cause a dangerous mixture of fumes that can back up into your home.

Take care of your plumbing pipes and septic tank. When you have a clog that won’t be moved by a plunger or snake, consider calling a water and plumbing technician. He or she can remove the clog without using any harmful chemicals. A clogged drain may be a nuisance, but your technician can usually deal with the sewage cleaning quickly and efficiently.

How To Ensure That Mold Is Really Gone

3/8/2019 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation How To Ensure That Mold Is Really Gone Excess moisture is the main culprit in mold growth.

How To Ensure That Mold Is Really Gone

When your home in Campo Verde, AZ floods, your primary concern is probably getting rid of all the excess water and drying it out. While it's certainly important to do this quickly, if black mold patches have formed, the remediation problem is not complete until the mold itself is removed. Here is a brief overview of the steps mold remediation specialists use to ensure that the entire restoration process is finished.

1. Water Extraction

Excess moisture is the main culprit in mold growth. No matter the size of the flood, the excess water will need to be removed to stop the growth of more mold. Once the moisture problem is alleviated, new spores don't have a hospitable place to land and grow. This doesn't resolve any fungus issues that already exist, though.

2. Item Removal

All items affected by the flood must be removed and dried. This includes not only personal belongings but any walls, insulation, flooring or ceiling materials that are ruined. If they cannot be salvaged, they are thrown away. If they can be saved, they must be dried and cleaned thoroughly, ensuring that no black mold is present, before being returned to your home.

3. Mold Cleanup

Dry mold is still a problem, and it can continue to affect the air quality of your home if it is left untreated. After the affected portions of your home are dry, technicians thoroughly clean it, removing mold growth from the surfaces and out of any cracks or crevices into which it has managed to snake its way. Only after the fungus is gone is the cleanup process really complete.

Removing excess moisture is important when it comes to getting your home back to normal, but it is only the first step in black mold remediation. Certified specialists are trained to complete the full cleanup process to ensure that once your mold issue is gone, it stays gone.

Why You Should Use SERVPRO for Storm Damage Restoration

2/19/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Why You Should Use SERVPRO for Storm Damage Restoration If you have storm damage, call SERVPRO of Yavapai County

SERVPRO For Storm Damage Restoration

During a storm, it is possible that many clients might experience damage to their Prescott, AZ homes. When you need storm restoration for several damaged sites, SERVPRO is a great option. Here are a few reasons why this company is a top choice for many insurance agencies.

1. They Respond Quickly

SERVPRO is open 24 hours a day, so they can provide service as soon as you need it. Once you have contacted them, you should hear back from them within an hour. Over the next several hours after you have provided all of the needed information, they will arrive on the site and inspect the damage. They will let you know the best way to proceed with restoration. Their fast storm response will also allow them to start mitigation sooner to prevent any further damage to the property.

2. They Can Help Move Along the Claims Process

When you have many clients who need restoration services, it can be a lot to deal with. Working with a storm restoration company that gets the process going more quickly can be a big help. Because SERVPRO always provides a fast response, they can help speed up the claims and restoration process which can make things easier on you.

3. They Get the Job Done Right

With corporate help, local franchise locations can better serve your clients. Corporate locations can provide any needed equipment to complete the job. When you choose this company, you will be working with only highly-trained professionals with plenty of experience with storm restoration. You can trust them to do the work well as quickly as possible to get your clients’ homes safe and comfortable again.

When you are dealing with flood damage, it is important to get the process started quickly to prevent additional damage and a lengtheir claims process. Choosing a company that can provide immediate assistance and high-quality work can make everything go more smoothly.

Getting Professional Mold Remediation

2/19/2019 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Getting Professional Mold Remediation Black mold on walls

Mold Remediation

Mold damage is a lot more common than you might think. It is important to understand that with the right remediation and mitigation, a professional restoration company can handle the issue for you. If you are beginning to experience problems with your home or business concerning mold growth and mold growth behind walls, it's imperative that you contact a local restoration company to figure things out for you. Doing the work on your own can be too much to handle, especially when it concerns dry rot, mold growth, mildew, fungus and black mold. Plus, you'll be dealing with that horrible smelly odor that requires proper deodorization.

Finding the Mold in the Home

The first thing you'll need to do is to find the black mold, fungus or mildew in the home. Mold growth behind walls can be especially problematic, so it is important to hire a local restoration company to help out with the mold removal for you. Commercial mold damage can also be smelled, as you'll notice a smelly odor in the areas where the mold is present. Mold growth can be detected with special tools, so hiring a professional mitigation and remediation company might be beneficial.

How to Handle Mold Damage and Black Mold

The best way to handle mildew and fungus in the home is to hire a mitigation expert. The remediation pros will come with all of their own mold removal tools to get the job done. They are experiencing handling mold damage and know exactly what to do. Plus, they will check for mold growth behind walls to get rid of it for you and get your home back to the way it was before. If you have recently experienced a flood of some sort, you could very well have mold in the home and need expert remediation and mitigation to make things right. Dry rot and black mold can be highly problematic if left to fester, so be sure to contact a local commercial mold damage agency.

Visit http://www.SERVPROyavapaicounty.com for more information on mold.

How to Find a Local Restoration Company

2/19/2019 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation How to Find a Local Restoration Company SERVPRO of Yavapai County can get your home back to normal

How to Find a Local Restoration Company

The best way for you to find a local commercial mold damage agency is to look online or ask other people. Mold damage and mold removal are no laughing matter, especially if you're dealing with dry rot that is a result of the mold growth. Mold growth behind walls can also be an issue because it is difficult to see on your own without the help of a professional company. Fungus and mildew can get much worse if it is left without being properly cleaned, so be sure to find and contact a local commercial mold damage company now.

What to Expect with Mold Removal

If you have mold in the home, you might be wondering what you should expect with deodorization of that smelly odor. Mold in the home is cleaned and gone through deodorization by the experts when it is most convenient for you. The company may need to come back multiple times to get rid of the smelly odor and to rid the home of all mold spores. They will use a series of devices and tools to ensure that the cleaning has been done properly. Dry rot can also go through deodorization, so the company can do this for you.

Once you have found that you have a mold problem, it's time to consider the fact that a professional company can be there to make things right for you. They will charge a reasonable fee for their services, based on a sliding scale of their clients' needs. You will also enjoy the fact that they take care of all the work for you so that you are not left trying to figure it all out on your own. There are lots of reasons to contact this company, but the main reason is because it helps you get your home back.

How To Maintain a Commercial Roof

2/12/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage How To Maintain a Commercial Roof Property owners should schedule a professional roof inspection at least once a year.

How To Maintain A Commercial Roof

Commercial roofing can last for decades with regular maintenance. In addition to the following preventative measures, building owners or managers should also fix any roof damage caused by wind or storms as soon as possible.

Clear Drainage

One of the easiest ways to keep a roof in good condition is to regularly clean out the drainage system. Pooling water can undermine roofing materials, lead to leaks and shorten the lifespan of a roof. Be sure to clear out every part of the system. This may include:

  • Downspouts
  • Drains
  • Gutters
  • Scuppers

Clean the entire system at least twice a year. Roof drains may need to be cleared every three months during the spring and summer and every month during fall and winter.

Regular Inspections

Property owners should schedule a professional roof inspection at least once a year. Owners or managers can also check the rooftop on a regular basis, particularly after major storms. Look for any signs of common roof problems such as:

  • Blistering
  • Buckling
  • Deformation
  • Granular loss
  • Missing shingles
  • Ponding
  • Punctures

Any of these issues may result in a leak. Fixing roof damage is an important part of overall maintenance.

Trim Trees

Minor wind damage may loosen roofing materials, but overhanging tree limbs pose a major risk. Owners or managers of buildings surrounded by tall trees should schedule regular trimmings. A fallen limb can cause extensive roof and structural damage.

Proper Coating

Roofing specialists can apply a waterproof coating to almost any type of rooftop. Elastomeric coatings protect the surface from environmental damage. A single treatment can last 10 to 20 years, depending on weather conditions and roof maintenance.

All of these methods can be useful for maintaining the rooftop of a commercial structure in Prescott Valley, AZ. Quickly fixing any roof damage that occurs may forestall the need for a roof rebuild. If a leak results in damage, contact a mitigation and restoration service.

3 Ways To Deal With Fire and Water Damage

2/4/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage 3 Ways To Deal With Fire and Water Damage Fire damage at a Bagdad, AZ kitchen

Dealing With Fire And Water Damage

Water and fire damage combine when a fire hose is used to extinguish a blaze. These hoses can introduce hundreds of gallons of water into a home and make cleaning up and restoring damage more difficult. Homeowners dealing with both fire and water damage should hire restoration professionals. Here are three ways that experts handle compound damage. 

1. Remove Water

Extracting standing water is a top priority. The water used to suppress a fire immediately degrades from Category One to contaminated Category Three water as it makes contact with ash, soot, and smoke. The chemicals released during combustion make this water pose a safety risk. Damage mitigation experts may use a pump to quickly get rid of water.

2. Clear Out Ash and Soot 

The next phase of the clean-up process is to address the worst of the fire damage. Remove built-up soot and tear out porous materials exposed to open flame, excessive heat and dirty water. In general, carpet, drywall and insulation are ruined by this combination of factors and may pose a heightened risk of mold if left intact. Restoration should not proceed until the area affected by fire and water is dry.

3. Dry the Area

Once an area damaged by fire and water no longer contains standing water or excessive amounts of soot, it is necessary to promote drying. Restoration professionals may recommend additional ventilation or a dehumidifier to draw out residual moisture. Rebuilding can only take place after the area has become completely dry. 

These ways of dealing with combined water and fire damage can help homeowners anticipate the equipment and duration of time necessary to complete the cleanup process. A company that specializes in damage restoration can ensure that each of these methods is done as quickly and thoroughly as possible to reduce the risk of further damage to a home in Bagdad, AZ .

3 Ways To Control a Mold Problem in Your Home

1/21/2019 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation 3 Ways To Control a Mold Problem in Your Home Extreme mold infestation in a Prescott Valley, AZ home

Mold Under Control In Your Home

Water damage in your home in Prescott Valley, AZ can be problematic enough on its own. Unfortunately, areas saturated with water are likely to experience mold growth. However, there are various ways you can keep mold under control in your home.

1. Find and Eliminate the Source(s) of Water

As soon as you realize that water is leaking or flooding your home, locating the source(s) of the water can help you know what to do next. If you find that an appliance is leaking, shutting down or turning off that appliance may stop the water from flowing. However, in some instances, you may need to shut off the water in your home. By stopping the flow of water, you will keep the damage contained and lessen the areas where mold is likely to grow.

2. Keep Your Home Dry

Once water is no longer flowing into your home, it’s wise to make sure your home is as dry as possible. Using fans and opening windows can help your home dry out more quickly. Since mold grows in warm, damp environments, keeping your home dry will prevent mold from growing. Additionally, quickly taking measurements to keep your home dry can also help to prevent further water damage from occurring.

3. Take Preventative Measurements

Sometimes, you may not notice that mold has grown in your home until it has spread and caused damage. However, it can be helpful to frequently check the areas in your home where mold is most likely to grow. If you do notice any leaks in your home, it’s generally best to fix the problem as quickly as possible in order to prevent mold from growing.

With knowledge of how to manage the issue of mold growth in your home, you can also take steps toward mold prevention. If water damage in your home has caused extensive amounts of mold to grow, however, you may want to contact mold remediation experts.

7 Steps To Take After a Pipe Breaks

1/17/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage 7 Steps To Take After a Pipe Breaks Broken pipe under sink caused water damage in Chino Valley, AZ

7 Steps to Slow the Impact of The Pooling Water

Whether water freezes and breaks a pipe, or the pipe gets old and ruptures, bursting pipes are one of most homeowner’s worst nightmares in Chino Valley, AZ. Not only can the water quickly destroy the items inside the house, but it can also lead to other problems such as mold, mildew and pests. To slow the impact of the pooling water, take these seven steps.

1. Close the water valve.

Prevent further water from entering your home by turning off the water valve. If you can’t find a valve, turn off the water main at the street.

2. Call in the pros.

Contacting a water mitigation specialty team can speed your home’s recovery process. Not only are they knowledgeable, but they have the tools to fix a broken pipe and quickly renew your home.

3. Open a water faucet.

By opening a faucet on the same line as the leaking pipe after the water is off, any residual pressure can be alleviated.

4. Remove standing water.

Getting the water off the floor as quickly as possible can keep it from soaking down into flooring and up into walls. Stopping the water damage can save you not only money but also weeks of home repairs.

5. Sort through items.

Damaged items should be sorted as soon as possible into discard and salvageable piles. All wet items should then be removed from the area, with discarded items going to into the trash.

6. Ventilate the area.

Bursting pipes can leave the damaged area wet and muggy. To remove the humidity and help dry the area more thoroughly, ventilate the room. Open windows and set up fans to aid in the humidity transfer.

7. Call your insurance company.

Not all water problems need to be reviewed by an insurance adjuster, but if your damage is severe, call your insurance company and request they open a file.

Bursting pipes do not need to be a life changer when you take these seven steps. You can be in control of keeping the water damage to a minimum, and that feels good.

Fire Insurance: Why It’s Important

1/8/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Fire Insurance: Why It’s Important Fire damage in Cottonwood, AZ restaurant

Fire Insurance: Why It’s Important

Fire insurance is essential, especially for commercial and industrial properties. While this type of insurer is excellent in the event of a fire, it is also important to note the significant coverages of most of these insurance policies.

1. Fire Damage

The most obvious coverage is for fire damage. While it is true that some business policies will cover certain losses, it is important to note that policies specific to fire disasters will likely cover all aspects of fire damage with minimal pushback from your insurer.

2. Suppression Systems and Tools

Additionally, fire insurance will likely cover any necessary maintenance expenses of your fire suppression system and equipment. This means that if an annual inspection uncovers some serious issues with your sprinkler system, then your policy will likely cover the cost of repairs.

3. Utility Repair

If a fire occurs, and not only the structure of your property is damaged, but also the utilities running throughout your facility are as well, then a fire policy will likely cover the costs of repair. This goes for damaged plumbing, electrical, gas lines and even ductwork. The coverage should also extend to duct cleaning as well, ensuring that harmful chemicals from the smoke and fumes are cleared of your HVAC system.

4. Mitigation and Restoration

Lastly, insurance geared toward fire disasters may even cover the costs associated with fire restoration. Your insurer and a disaster restoration specialist in the Cottonwood, AZ, area can shed more light on the specifics of this type of coverage. However, these specialists are experts in the areas of fire and smoke cleanup which is what your policy was created for.

Fire insurance as a stand-alone policy or an addendum to your current business policy is a wise decision for your commercial property. These policies provide security in the event of significant property loss due to fires, which are more common in commercial real estate than residential properties.

Signs It's Time To Change Your Bathroom Supply Lines

12/30/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Signs It's Time To Change Your Bathroom Supply Lines Water damage in a Prescott Valley, AZ bathroom

Signs It's Time To Change Your Bathroom Supply Lines

If you've recently noticed a bathroom leak, it may be due to supply line damage. Unfortunately, this is not an easy or affordable problem to correct, but correcting it is necessary if you want to avoid costly secondary damage. However, if you were just thinking about your supply lines and want to know when you need to replace them, you may be in luck. Many newer piping materials are made to last—newer meaning they've been around for several decades. That said, for your peace of mind, consider the following four instances in which swapping out old pipelines with new ones would be beneficial:

  • Your pipes are old.
  • You've noticed irregularities.
  • Outside forces are at play.
  • You're remodeling.

If any of the above apply to your pipes, it wouldn't be a bad idea to have them inspected for supply line damage.


"Age is but a number," they say, which is true for humans but not so true for homes and the materials of which they're made. If your pipes are made of PVC, they'll only last 25 to 40 years. However, if they're made of galvanized steel, you can expect to get up to 80 to 100 years of use out of them without so much as a supply line leak.


A person can be young and still have health issues, and so too can your supply lines. If you notice irregularities, such as a bathroom leak, stains or discoloration, your pipes may be in trouble.


If a giant tree sits close to your house, you need watch the roots. If the roots reach beneath your home, there's a good chance that your supply lines, and your home's structure, will be compromised.


You may not need to replace your supply lines now, but if you're remodeling your home and have the funds to do so, it wouldn't hurt to invest in new pipes. Remember, newer supply lines are made to last up to 100 years and often come with lifetime warranties.

Whether or not you suspect supply line damage, it's a good idea to have your pipes inspected periodically. If you don't, you may become well acquainted with your Prescott Valley, AZ, water damage remediation team.

Using a Home Fire Extinguisher

12/30/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Using a Home Fire Extinguisher Knowing how to use a fire extinguisher can protect your family and property in Bagdad, AZ

Using a Home Fire Extinguisher

Anywhere an open flame or heating element appears, there is a risk of fire. Protect your family and property in Bagdad, AZ, by familiarizing yourself with the usage of a fire extinguisher.

1. Locating and Readying

Ensure that anyone in the home knows the location of all fire suppression devices and can reach them in case of a fire. Remember that there are multiple types of extinguishers for different types of fire, such as oil, wood or electrical. Most extinguishers will have a tamper ring or other seal in addition to the pin. Both must be removed into order for the handle to function.

2. Technique

Firmly grasping the hose, aim directly at the flaming material and squeeze the trigger mechanism in the handle. Perform a side-to-side sweeping motion and cover the entire surface, aiming at a low angle. Do not stand too close to the fire. Units filled with pressurized water are some of the most common and effective, but they cannot be used on electrical or grease fires. Using the wrong fire extinguisher type at this stage can cause additional fire damage.

3. Know the Limits

If the fire cannot be suppressed in a reasonable amount of time and has begun to spread to other surfaces, you must contact emergency personnel. Have the phone number of your local fire department ready. For example, an oil kitchen fire that cannot be contained by a B-type carbon dioxide extinguisher and has risen to the walls or ceiling materials should be abandoned. At this stage, you should evacuate the home.

Safety is of the utmost importance in a fire scenario. If your fire extinguisher is insufficient to eliminate the fire and your home has suffered damage, it may be prudent to contact a qualified fire restoration service to bring your home back to its original condition.

What Happens When Pipes Freeze?

12/30/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial What Happens When Pipes Freeze? Broken pipe cause flooding in a Prescott, AZ office

Freezing temperatures can lead to broken pipes. Find out why pipes freeze and how to prevent water damage at a commercial building in Prescott, AZ.

Causes of Frozen Pipes

Pipes with insufficient insulation may freeze when exposed to cold weather. This is most common with pipes that are:

  • Against exterior walls
  • Exposed to below-freezing temperatures
  • In unheated areas

Water expands as it freezes and puts pressure on pipes. As the pressure increases, so does the risk that pipes will break and cause water damage.

How To Protect Exposed Pipes

It is a good idea to add insulation to pipes that are at risk of freezing. A building owner or facility manager may use:

  • Heat tape or cable
  • Pipe sleeves
  • Newspaper

Newspaper is only recommended for emergency protection in regions that rarely experience freezing temperatures. Wrap at least a quarter-inch of paper around a pipe to provide some insulation.

How To Prevent Pipes From Freezing

A property owner or facilities manager can take other preventative measures inside a building. These include:

  • Allowing water to drip from faucets served by exposed pipes
  • Maintaining the same interior temperature day and night
  • Heating a building that will be unoccupied for several days to at least 55 degrees Fahrenheit

These methods can reduce the likelihood that pipes will freeze. If a pipe freezes, keep the affected faucet turned on and use a heating pad, hair dryer, or space heater near the blockage. If the frozen portion of a pipe is not accessible, contact a plumber.

Pipes that freeze will experience a significant increase in pressure. Broken pipes and water damage may result. In the event of a pipe burst, contact a plumber. If the damage is severe, a building owner or manager should arrange for water cleanup and damage restoration. Take steps to insulate pipes and other preventative measures before temperatures dip below freezing in Prescott, AZ.

Slide Fire Cleanup Sedona, Arizona

12/7/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Slide Fire Cleanup Sedona, Arizona Highway 89 Closed due to Slide Fire

The Slide Fire, reported just before 4 pm May 20, is burning in Oak Creek Canyon just north of Slide Rock State Park. 

Highway 89A from Sedona to Fort Tuthill in Flagstaff. Forest Road 535 off Highway 89A. Power has been shut off by APS from Slide Rock, north through the canyon.

An approximate 2 to 3-mile stretch of area from Slide Rock State Park north toward the Sterling Springs Hatchery has been evacuated, as well as the East Pocket Forest Service Lookout Tower. Evacuees are being relocated to Sinagua Middle School in Flagstaff. 


County officials will be having a community meeting at 1 p.m. for residents of Forest Highlands, and Kachina Village with the latest information on the Slide fire.

According to information from the county, the meeting will be at the Forest Highlands Fire Station 23 at 3350 Old Munds Highway.

No additional mandatory evacuations have been issued at this time. But county officials are recommending that residents be prepared to evacuate if the need arises. Residents will be given advance warning before any evacuations.

According to the American Red Cross, 11 people used the shelter at Sinagua Middle School in Flagstaff last night. More are registering today. Small animals may be sheltered at no charge at Coconino Humane Association, 3501 E. Butler Ave.

County officials are requesting that residents, if they have not already, register their cellphone number with the county's CodeRED emergency notification system at www.coconino.az.gov/emergency.

Storm Damage, What do I do Next?

12/7/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Storm Damage, What do I do Next? Storm damage in commercial building in Bagdad, AZ

You were lucky before. The major storms missed your home. You helped your community to pick up, thankful you had been spared from nature's wrath. This time you have not been so fortunate. Whether you have been a victim of hurricane damage during the milder seasons or ice damage in the middle of a wintery blast, storm damage can really throw you for a loop. As you look at the need for water restoration or home restoration, it can put a major burden on your shoulders. Wind damage, hail damage, and ice damage are only part of the picture. If river flooding or flooding has ripped through your home, flood water or ground water is sure to rise. As the ground water or flood water invades your home, it will leave a path of destruction in its wake. Before you try to dig in and handle such major problems in your own, know that there are experts who can take care of storm remediation. You will be in good hands when you rely on professionals who know storm damage restoration inside and out.

What is at the Top of Your To-Do List?

When hurricane damage or ice damage has affected your home, the first thing you need to do is wait until the premises are safe. If you have roof damage caused by a roof leak, your roof should be covered with a tarp to avoid additional damages. Roof damage can occur when ice damming has accumulated during a winter storm or a tough winter. If you have an ice dam, you are likely to have a roof leak. Roof damage is also common after wind damage, hail damage, and hurricane damage. Until roof repair work can be underway, keep it covered to hold off an additional roof leak. You also need to be sure that flood water or ground water is removed from your home after flooding or river flooding has rushed your way. A flood pump is a useful device that can take care of ground water or flood water. If you have a flood pump in place already, understand that flooding and river flooding cause such massive amounts of flood water or ground water to rise in your home that you will require a professional-grade flood pump. Your team of professional storm damage restoration technicians will bring a flood pump and anything else necessary to remove flood water or ground water from your home. Flooding and river flooding cause devastating types of storm damage, but home restoration and water restoration is possible when you have experts handling storm remediation.

Getting Rid of Damaged Items and Sanitizing Your Home

As part of the storm restoration process, it will be necessary to get rid of anything that has been damaged beyond repair after storm damage has turned your home upside down. Frozen pipes and ice damming can require the need for water restoration services. When you have frozen pipes or ice damming, you are bound to have a build up of water in your home. Roof damage is going to cause a roof leak from an ice dam. The end result is damage to your belongings. Your storm damage restoration crew will get rid of anything that cannot be salvaged. For those items that can be saved, they will be moved to a safe place and thoroughly cleaned. The same goes for every room in your home that has been affected by wind damage, ice damage, hail damage, hurricane damage, frozen pipes and any other type of damage brought on by nature. In depth sanitization is a must to ensure your home is safe. Once everything is completely dried out through water restoration services, home restoration will take place in your plan for storm remediation.

Fixing Up Your Home

Hail damage, wind damage, ice damage, an ice dam, and ice damming are going to hit your roof the hardest. Storm restoration is possible when roof repair is taken care of properly. Roof repair is typical after an ice dam. Roof repair will take care of any roof leak that you may have. Your storm restoration services will also make up for frozen pipes and anything that has damaged your home after flooding of any type. New flooring can be laid down as part of your storm restoration project. You can expect new carpets if the old carpets were too damaged as part of your home restoration. Drywall can replace walls that were damaged beyond repair for your storm remediation. Anything damaged can be repaired like new.

How to Keep Your Pipes From Freezing

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Storm Damage How to Keep Your Pipes From Freezing A frozen gutter drain.

How to Prevent Your Pipes from Freezing

Frozen pipes are the leading cause of water damage in the colder months of the year! This is because water expands as it freezes, putting huge amounts of pressure on whatever holds that water. 

According to The American Red Cross, "Pipes that freeze most frequently are those that are exposed to severe cold, like outdoor hose bibs, swimming pool supply lines, water sprinkler lines, and water supply pipes in unheated interior areas like basements and crawl spaces, attics, garages, or kitchen cabinets." http://www.redcross.org/prepare/disaster/winter-storm/preventing-thawing-frozen-pipes

Here are some easy ways to prevent your pipes from freezing:

1. Drain water from swimming pools & supply lines

2. Install pipe sleeves or other insulating materials (even newspaper)

3.  Keep your garage closed to protect supply lines

4.  If you need to leave for an extended period of time, keep your heater set to no lower than 55 degrees & shut your main water supply off

5.  Open cabinet doors near sink to let warm air circulate

6. Insulate outside walls and unheated areas of the home.

Call SERVPRO of Yavapai County to resolve your water damages. 928-636-7600

Roof Leaks in Prescott Valley, AZ

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Water Damage Roof Leaks in Prescott Valley, AZ Weather in Prescott Valley,AZ

SERVPRO of Yavapai County is available 24/7/365 to assist you with any type of water damage clean up. With rain in the forecast, it is important to remember this just in case your roof decides to leak during the coming rain! 

Our certified and fully trained staff will help you every step of the way with your water damage clean up; starting with the initial phone call to our office.  

Our courteous technicians will work directly with your insurance adjuster to make sure the water damage clean-up project is completed as soon as possible.

We service all of Yavapai County including: Prescott, AZ, Prescott Valley, AZ, Cottonwood, AZ,       Sedona, AZ, and more!  We also service parts of Coconino County and more areas in Northern Arizona.

Please call SERVPRO of Yavapai County to schedule services: (928)636-7600

How to Keep Pipes from Freezing When the Temperature Drops

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Water Damage How to Keep Pipes from Freezing When the Temperature Drops Frozen pipes in Prescott,AZ

When the temperature drops in Prescott, AZ you probably remember to protect yourself and your loved ones, but have you remembered to protect your home? Unless you’ve taken necessary precautions, cold temperatures can cause pipes to freeze. This is a problem for two primary reasons:

* Frozen pipes prevent the flow of water.
* Pipes that are frozen can eventually burst, making water line repair necessary.

It is important to remember that all types of pipes can freeze, including copper, plastic, and steel. The following tips will help you prevent your pipes from freezing.

Turn on the Heat

Everyone knows that leaving the heat on makes for an expensive heating bill, but that heating bill can be a lot cheaper and less of a pain than frozen pipes that burst and cause flooding. While you might want to tough out the cold with a down comforter and mittens, your pipes need to stay warm, so keep the heat set no lower than 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

Open the Cabinets

Turning on the heat won’t help much if your pipes are hidden away in heavy cabinets. Prevent pipes from freezing by opening cabinet doors where there are pipes to allow heat to circulate around your pipes. It might not look as nice to have everything open, but you’ll be happy when the pipes don’t freeze.

Insulate Pipes in Unheated Areas

If you have pipes in unheated areas of the house, like the garage or crawl spaces, or against uninsulated outside walls, make sure to insulate those pipes. Heat tape can be useful, but make sure to read the directions so you know whether you will need to manually plug and unplug the tape to heat the pipes, or if it will regulate temperature automatically. You can also add extra insulation in the form of foam rubber or fiberglass sleeves.

When freezing temperatures come to Prescott, AZ make sure to protect your home from frozen pipes. If your pipes do freeze and burst, a professional can help with the cleanup to prevent hazards like mold and bacteria growth. 

4 Areas the Culprit of Your Building’s Mold Smell May Be Hiding

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Why SERVPRO 4 Areas the Culprit of Your Building’s Mold Smell May Be Hiding Severe mold damage on walls in Cottonwood,AZ

Mold Remediation to Your Building

Mold spores are present everywhere in the environment and thrive in moist environments. Because of this, controlling its growth can sometimes be challenging for business owners in Cottonwood, AZ. If you notice a mold smell inside your building, identifying the culprit should be a top priority. To find the mold source, you may need to investigate four common hiding places where the fungus can proliferate and potentially cause significant damage requiring extensive mold remediation.

1. Behind Walls

Because many pipes are hidden from view, a leak may spew water for a significant period before you notice it, providing a damp environment that can become an ideal breeding ground for mold. For this reason, you should promptly investigate and address any damp or stained walls.

2. Under Flooring

The culprit of your building’s odor may also originate from your flooring. If not properly dried, previously saturated carpets can harbor mold and emit a foul mildew smell.

Tile flooring may also be susceptible to contamination. Cement-based grout is porous. If your grout is not properly sealed, water can seep under the tiles, potentially allowing mold to proliferate undetected under your feet.

3. Inside Ducts

You may also find the source of the noxious mold smell living within your building’s HVAC ducts. Because this is a common issue, you should conduct routine inspections and duct cleanings to identify and address any mold issues within your building’s HVAC system.

4. Within Ceiling Tiles

Another item to include in your fungus smell investigation is ceiling tiles. Water leaks or condensation resulting from high humidity levels can collect above the tiles and become a potential mold breeding ground. Ensuring proper ventilation can help reduce the risk of contamination in your property’s ceiling.

Mold can be a challenging problem to manage, particularly if there is a lingering mold smell but no visible evidence of the fungus. Recognizing potential hiding spots within your building may help you quickly identify the source and commence cleanup efforts.

Commercial Property Insurance: Coverage and Other Things to Consider

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Why SERVPRO Commercial Property Insurance: Coverage and Other Things to Consider Fire damage in a Bagdad,AZ restaurant

Commercial Insurance

While commercial insurance may be a requirement in Bagdad, AZ, it is also a sound investment. Just like home insurance, commercial property coverage provides you with the reassurance that your business is protected from damage and property loss. Most policies will protect your business against four core concerns:

  • Theft
  • Property damage
  • Natural Disaster
  • Fire damage

Understanding the basics of your current or future policy is beneficial, but before purchasing or reconsidering your insurance coverage, you should reassess your inventory and property. There are additional considerations and benefits you should know.

1. Property Considerations and Inventory

Before purchasing insurance, you should take inventory of all things essential to the operation of your business: buildings, equipment, records, documents, inventory on hand, landscaping, signage, etc. Ensuring that all these items are covered protects your business in the event of a disaster.

2. Expenses and Deductions

If you run a business in manufacturing or railways, then commercial insurance can be a significant expense. The expense has to do with increased risk, but there is a bright side. While consumers do not have the benefit of deducting insurance costs, businesses may be able to write off insurance premiums as expenses, which can have a positive effect on your bottom line.

3. Factors Contributing Cost

When considering insurance, you should understand the factors that contribute to overall cost: occupancy, construction, fire and theft protection and location. Mostly, insurance premiums depend heavily on fire ratings and whether you take appropriate security and preventative measures. Ensuring that a proper security system and fire protection system are installed will likely reduce premiums.

4. Disaster Planning and Preparation

Beyond insurance coverage, it is a wise decision to have an emergency plan in place. Many emergency restoration companies provide emergency planning services or access to an Emergency Ready Program. Having an emergency plan in place ensures that your business receives the assistance it needs as quickly as possible.

Commercial insurance is a sound investment, whether required or not. Coverage provides security and protection, ensuring continued operations. But, it is necessary to consider all aspects of your business as well as potential costs and risks before purchasing or renewing your policy.

3 Steps To Take After a Flood

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Why SERVPRO 3 Steps To Take After a Flood Flooding from heavy rains in Bagdad,AZ

Steps To Take To Prevent Further Damage

Flooding is a common occurrence in residential homes. Whether it’s because of a storm or a pipe burst, homeowners in Bagdad, AZ, should be aware of challenges that come with water damage. One of the biggest concerns is mold growth. If you have suffered from a flood, here are three steps to take to prevent further damage. 

1. Document Everything

After the initial disaster, it’s important to take pictures of the damage. When you contact your insurance, you can use these photos as evidence of the things you lost and the surfaces that were damaged. This can help you get the most out of insurance. After connecting with your insurance agency, they will send out an adjuster within the next few days to assess and confirm the damage. 

2. Clean Up the Damage

Letting the floodwater sit will only create more damage and allow mold growth to sprout and spread. Here are a few things you should keep in mind when removing the water:

  • Shut off the electricity first
  • Wear protective clothing while in the potentially-contaminated water
  • Store wet documents and books in the freezer to preserve them
  • Throw away food items that were affected by the water

With these tips, you can start to remove the water with a pump or start to air dry the damage rooms. 

3. Call the Professionals 

It’s time to call in the restoration specialists to help you remove any additional water and properly dry the rest. They can help you restore your home and salvage valuables. They can help with the mold removal process as well.

Although floods can be disastrous, you can address the aftermath in a calm and smart way. Water damage often leads to mold growth, but you can do what you can to minimize the damage and prevent future mold problems from arising. 

3 Important Fire Alarm Tips for Your Home

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Fire Damage 3 Important Fire Alarm Tips for Your Home A fire alarm can give you a life saving alert to your Prescott,AZ home

It’s important to keep your home in Prescott, AZ, prepared in case a fire occurs. A fire alarm is one essential tool that can alert you if there’s a fire in your home. That’s why you should know the steps to take to keep your alarms in working order.

1. Be Aware of When to Replace

An outdated alarm won’t be able to serve its purpose of alerting you quickly if there’s a fire in your home. Most people know batteries should be replaced yearly, but many overlook replacing the actual alarms. Make a note of when your alarms were installed so you can replace them at least every 10 years.

2. Protect Your Whole Home

Though many people know to put fire alarms in spots where fires are likely to occur, such as kitchens, alarms should be located throughout your home. If alarms are located on only one floor, you may be unable to hear them from elsewhere in the home. Install alarms on each floor, and make sure every bedroom is also equipped with one.

3. Know the Difference Between Types of Alarms

Advances in technology have resulted in alarms that can detect both slow-moving and quick-moving fires. While photoelectric alarms can alert you of slower fires that create heavy smoke and are likely to cause smoke damage, ionization alarms detect fires that emit less smoke and move more quickly. It’s important to install both types of alarms in your home to ensure you’re protected regardless of what type of fire may occur.

A fire alarm can give you a life-saving alert if your home is ablaze. Keeping both types of alarms up-to-date and in the appropriate locations can help you know immediately if there is a fire. In the event your home sustains fire damage, it may be beneficial to work with damage restoration professionals who have experience assessing, cleaning and restoring homes affected by fires.

Storm Preparedness for Property Managers

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Why SERVPRO Storm Preparedness for Property Managers The best time to plan your evacuation route is now

As a property manager, you're responsible to oversee many tasks. Simply managing the day-to-day responsibilities can keep you busy. However, as storm season approaches, and the weather threatens to bring heavy, winds, rains, or snow, you want the confidence that comes with knowing you've already taken necessary steps to minimize damages. Storm preparedness begins with planning.

1. Prepare a Handbook Detailing Storm Procedures

Which of your staff will handle each responsibility? How will you get in contact with emergency professionals or key personnel from businesses within your property? Put together a handbook with phone numbers, addresses, specific responsibilities, and an evacuation plan for each business within the building. The book should also include pre- and post-storm procedures, tips for safe evacuation and sheltering, and emergency medical access for any people with special needs. If you're not sure what to include in this information, contact local professionals for guidance.

2. Schedule and Run Practice Scenarios

Everyone in the building must know how to respond during an emergency. The best time to become familiar with escape routes and emergency procedures is before emotions are high. During evacuation drills, every person in the building should participate, from the cleaning staff and the front desk staff to the top executives. Boost storm preparedness by involving everyone in the building.

3. Watch Storm Warnings

When storms show up in the forecast, perform property management maintenance, such as emptying garbage receptacles, securing outdoor furniture, taking exterior furnishings inside the building, and trimming shrubs and trees on the property. It's important to keep an eye on the weather, so you can give building occupants plenty of notice before a storm hits.

4. Keep Documents in a Safe Place

Take time-stamped photographs or video of the exterior of the building, including the property around the building, and store them in an off-site location. This step is vital when the time comes to file insurance claims.

Storm preparedness in Yava,AZ, involves much more than stocking up on supplies. Use these tips to keep your people, buildings, and property safe.

Sewage Cleaning Tips for Homeowners

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Water Damage Sewage Cleaning Tips for Homeowners Replace eroded pipes in your Prescott Valley,AZ home to avoid sewage damage

No matter where you live, sewage issues are likely to occur in your home. Sewage cleaning can be frustrating and time-consuming if you aren’t aware what is causing the issue. However, sewage issues in Prescott Valley, AZ can be prevented and fixed if you can identify the cause of the problem.

What Causes Sewage Problems?

Sewage problems in your home can be caused by a variety of factors. However, there are several common causes of sewage issues.

  • Drains clogged with debris
  • Pipes that have been damaged from tree roots
  • Eroded pipes

How Can These Issues Be Fixed?

If you’re experiencing toilet overflow or other signs of a clogged pipe, you may be able to use an auger (also commonly called a snake) to remove the blockage. If the drain is not entirely blocked, this will fix the issue. If your pipes have either eroded due to being older or have become damaged from tree roots, however, then a replacement will likely be necessary. Though you may not need to replace the entire pipe, parts of the pipe that have been damaged must be replaced so they can work properly.

How Can These Problems Be Prevented?

There are several ways in which you can prevent these common issues, leaving you with less sewage cleaning to do. Frequently cleaning your drains can help prevent drain clogs, though it’s important to note that using chemical drain cleaners can sometimes create more damage to pipes. Using milder cleaners can protect your pipes from eroding. In order to prevent tree roots from infiltrating your pipes, be aware of where you plant trees around your home and avoid planting them near pipes.

Though there are several ways to prevent common sewage issues in your home, fixing an issue once it has occurred isn’t always easy. If you encounter an issue that seems too overwhelming to fix on your own, it’s best to contact professionals in sewage cleaning.

3 Tips for Keeping Toilets Clog-Free

9/17/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial 3 Tips for Keeping Toilets Clog-Free Avoiding sewer damage as the result of a clogged toilet can be easier than you might think.

As a commercial property owner in Prescott, AZ, you are responsible for the care and maintenance of your building. Taking care of your plumbing system can be a challenge, however, when other people do not seem to share your vigilance. A clogged toilet can cause sewer damage that can only be fixed by remediation specialists. Here are three tips for keeping your toilets clog-free.

1. Post Signs

When your building has a toilet overflow problem, it often stems from the actions of the person who last used the toilet. Some items aren't meant to be flushed:

• Feminine hygiene products
• Paper towels
• Diapers
• Bandages

People probably don't flush these things with malicious intent. They may simply be thinking of their convenience. Posting signs to urge people to reconsider flushing these items can prevent a clogged toilet.

2. Provide Trashcans

One way to encourage people to use trashcans rather than flushing bulkier items is to provide multiple trash receptacles throughout the restroom. Each stall should have its own way to dispose of trash, and depending on the size of the bathroom, it may be helpful to have multiple trashcans near the paper towel dispensers. For every dispenser, you need at least one place to put the used paper towel.

3. Purchase Thin Paper

It is not unusual to find one-ply toilet paper in restrooms of commercial buildings. The main reason for this is that thinner paper flushes more easily. You can avoid sewage problems by choosing a paper that goes down the drain and mostly disintegrates before it ever reaches the septic tank. As thinner paper is also less expensive, it has the added value of saving you money.

Avoiding sewer damage as the result of a clogged toilet can be easier than you might think. If you rethink the way you stock your restrooms and ask for compliance from employees and guests, you can minimize your plumbing problems. For more information, visit http://www.SERVPROyavapaicounty.com/.

That Isn’t a Mud Bath: How To Clean Sewage Backup From Your Bathtub

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A sewer backup is the worst, primarily when it occurs in a location that you wouldn’t expect to see sewage, for instance, a bathtub backup. More often than not sewage backups are caused by flooding or severe blockages, but, regardless of how it happens, the question is how to get rid of it when it does.

1. Protect Yourself

If you decide that you would rather clean up the mess yourself than call a restoration specialist
in the Prescott, AZ, area, you will need to protect yourself with appropriate clothing. For instance, you should have protective eyewear, rubber boots, and rubber gloves.

2. Get the Water Out

Once you’ve protected yourself, you will need to get the water out of the bathtub. The best way to remove this kind of water, as it can be contaminated and dangerous for your health, is to use a wet-vac. You should contact your local sanitation department to find out the appropriate way to dispose of any waste.

3. Dry and Discard

After removing the water from the sewer backup, it is time to let things thoroughly dry by turning on fans and opening windows. While the area is drying, it is essential to discard anything that came into contact with the water, like rags, shampoos, or loofahs.

4. Clean and Disinfect

To clean and disinfect the area, it is essential to use bactericidal disinfectants, like bleach. You do not need to use these at full strength. You should follow any manufacturer guidelines to ensure your safety and the safety of your property. You’ll want to use this solution on all contaminated surfaces, letting everything dry after. Once dried, you can repeat the process to ensure cleanliness.

After everything is clean, you still have a job to do. The fact is that something caused the original sewer issue, and whatever the cause cleaning didn’t resolve the issue. Unfortunately, you may need to call out an expert to inspect the lines and prevent any future problems. For more information, visit http://www.SERVPROyavapaicounty.com/.

Preventing a Moldy Swamp Cooler: 3 Tips

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Mold Remediation Preventing a Moldy Swamp Cooler: 3 Tips Preventing mold from growing on an overworked or leaking swamp cooler may extend the life of the unit and stunt the spread of fungi.

Your Prescott, AZ, home’s swamp cooler can help cool indoor temperatures, especially on hot, dry days. Cooling your home this way can also help you save money on your energy bill, as an evaporative cooler does not use as much power as refrigerated air. However, when the weather turns humid or you have a leaking swamp cooler, this can cause mold to grow on the unit and in the air ducts. Since this can create an unpleasant smell and damage the cooler, it is a good idea to maintain the unit by keeping a few simple mold preventing tips in mind.

1. Change the Cooling Pad Often

After a few days of wet weather, your swamp cooler’s cellulose pad, which collects and holds moisture to cool down warm air the system draws it in from outside, might start to grow mold as humidity rises. If the weather turns humid and remains that way for more than a few days, you may want to check and replace the pad so mold does not have a chance to grow and enter your home.

2. Regulate Indoor Moisture

If the weather is wet or humid and you still want to run your swamp cooler, you can prevent mold growth by being mindful of indoor moisture levels. You can lower the humidity by cracking your windows and allowing air to flow out as well as in. If wet weather continues for more than a few days, you might want to use ceiling and floor fans to stay cool instead.

3. Have Your Cooler Professionally Maintained

Having a mold damage and cleanup service in to inspect or repair a leaking swamp cooler can lower the risk of damage to the unit. If mold is discovered, experienced technicians will likely have a variety of solutions at hand to resolve the problem.

A swamp cooler can keep your Prescott, AZ, home cool on hot, dry days. Preventing mold from growing on an overworked or leaking swamp cooler may extend the life of the unit and stunt the spread of fungi. For more information, visit http://www.SERVPROyavapaicounty.com/.

What To Expect After a Business Fire

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Commercial What To Expect After a Business Fire No one wants to deal with the fallout from a business fire.

A company fire can affect your Prescott, AZ, business and your life in many ways. Unfortunately, contacting the fire department is just the first step in a long process of fire and water cleanup. You may find that your building and many of the items on your property have been damaged badly by flames from the fire. Items that weren't destroyed by the fire will probably be soggy from the firefighters' hoses and stained from smoke and soot. In some cases, firefighters may have cut into the walls or the roof, looking for hidden flames.

1. Water Damages

Restoration professionals usually begin with water cleanup. The technicians will remove water left behind after the emergency response professionals have gone. This is a tricky task and one that should not be handled by yourself or staff. The standing water could hide many dangers, including disease from contaminants and sharp edges from broken equipment.

2. Smoke and Soot Damages

The next step handled by remediation professionals is assessing damage from smoke and soot. The oily residue left behind after smoke exposure contains destructive hazards and can leave extensive discoloration. As professionals assess structural elements of damage, they'll pay close attention to smoke cleanup to prevent major damages later on.

3. Physical Damages

Physical damage to your property are often prevented by effective and immediate professional smoke and water cleanup. Some tasks, such as repainting and replacing carpeting, may still require some time and effort. Depending on your insurance coverage and the costs of complete restoration services, you may handle some of this work. Sadly, you may find that some inexpensive or unnecessary items must be discarded without being replaced.

No one wants to deal with the fallout from a business fire. The emotional, physical, and financial toll is hard to bear. However, with an effective plan in place and the help of Prescott, AZ, restoration professionals, the situation will be less daunting. For more information, visit http://www.SERVPROyavapaicounty.com/.

How To Minimize Moisture During a Storm

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Commercial How To Minimize Moisture During a Storm Rain damage can lead to many problems, such as compromised structural integrity or black mold growth.

When storms rage in Prescott, AZ, your commercial property is in danger of rain damage. Ideally, your roof can withstand a rainstorm, but it doesn't hurt to have a backup plan in case moisture sneaks past the roof. By having a strong building envelope, you can minimize the amount of moisture that seeps in during the storm, thereby limiting its damage potential.

Elements of a Solid Envelope

During a storm, water tries to get into your building any way that it can. There are several factors that must be controlled to combat water damage from heavy rains:

• Air flow to prevent stagnation
• Evaporation that gets trapped within the building
• Insulation to resist extreme temperatures
• Proper drainage to divert water away from areas vulnerable to mold growth

Rain damage is of particular concern to property owners because if left unattended, it can lead to black mold, which requires professional remediation. By having a strong building envelope, you can lower your risk of damage.

Building Maintenance

Quality construction certainly plays a role in how your commercial property resists outside elements. For example, if mortar joints or wall flashing is not installed correctly or installation is sloppy, they are more likely to let water seep in. It's not enough, however, to build a strong envelope and then leave it. Your building needs regular inspection and maintenance to ensure that its water resistance remains strong. Inspections should be conducted to look for cracks in any of the exterior walls. Roof damage should be repaired in a timely manner. Windows should be inspected for cracks where water can get into the building.

Rain damage can lead to many problems, such as compromised structural integrity or black mold growth. To prevent these problems, you need a good building envelope. Taking the steps to make sure your property is rain resistant is an essential part of commercial property ownership. For more information, visit http://www.SERVPROyavapaicounty.com/.

6 Tips for Saving Belongings Damaged by Water

8/27/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage 6 Tips for Saving Belongings Damaged by Water As you get rid of standing water in a home, you'll need to address structural issues and damage to your belongings.

If you have water in home in Prescott, AZ, chances are you'll have to deal with damage to the house itself as well as some of your belongings. Some furnishings, electronics and valuables may be salvageable if you follow the right steps.

1. Rinse: A broken pipe can release dirty water into your house. If your belongings are covered in silt, dirt and other debris, you need to rinse them off with clean water before you can start the cleanup process.

2. Clean: How you clean belongings depends on the materials they're made from. Electronics, for example, should not be submerged in water. You may need to use dry cleaning to start repairing delicate objects. Other items can be put through a washing machine.

3. Dry: Once the initial cleaning has been taken care of, you need to make sure your possessions are properly dried out. If you return a wet item back into your home, you may be reintroducing excess moisture.

4. Disinfect: Some objects may need to be cleaned again after they have been dried out. Water in home can lead to mold growth, but you can combat this by disinfecting any affected belongings.

5. Repair: Water can cause some objects to start to degrade or break. If this is the case for your piece of art or electronic device, you may need to have a professional water remediation team help you with the repair. Most items should not be fixed until they have been cleaned and dried.

6. Replace: In some situations, your furnishings may be too far gone to repair. In this case, it may be best for you to replace the items that have sustained too much damage.

As you get rid of standing water in a home, you'll need to address structural issues and damage to your belongings. Cleaning and repairing any items you can may help save you money on your water repair project. For more information, visit http://www.SERVPROyavapaicounty.com/.

Pump Choices for a Flooded Basement

7/23/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Pump Choices for a Flooded Basement You can check if your sump pump is free of obstructions by pouring a few gallons into the basin. #SERVPRO

There is a storm raging outside in Prescott, AZ and your basement looks like a small lake. When you have a significant amount of standing water in your home, what is the best equipment to use? Three main types of pumps can get the job done, including the sump pump, trash pump and truck mount.

Sump Pump

• Most commonly installed in residential basements as a flood precaution.
• Water enters the pump through waterlogged soil or drains. The excess water is then pumped away from the house, most often into the yard.
• Electricity powers the pump and centrifugal force is used to push water through the pipe.

Trash Pump

• Often used when water has already flooded the premises.
• Simultaneously pumps out water and debris. After a storm, flood water may include debris such as trash, sticks, mud or leaves.
• A trash pump is portable and powerful. It can run off of electricity, batteries, gas or even solar power.
• Pressure and rotational force are used to move the water and debris through the pipe.

Truck Mount

• This pumping equipment is capable of moving a large amount of water, such as several feet or thousands of gallons.
• Mounted on a truck, the pump can easily be driven to any location.
• Works quickly and efficiently with high water volume using long-reaching, vacuum-powered hoses.

The amount and type of flooding present in your basement in Prescott, AZ determines the best pump type to use. As soon as you notice a basement flood, take action. Immediately arrange for a water restoration specialist to extract the excess water from your basement before further damage occurs. The water damage restoration company assesses the situation and chooses the most appropriate pumping equipment for the job. Once the water is removed, your basement is dried using dehumidification tools and air movers. Your basement is then cleaned, deodorized and sanitized before the process of restoration begins. Visit http://www.SERVPROyavapaicounty.com for more information on storm damage. 

3 Things to Throw Away After a House Fire

7/19/2018 (Permalink)

House fires in Prescott, AZ are devastating events, not only because of the damage to a home, but because of the valuable belongings contained inside. Fire restoration experts can bring much of your home and possessions back to pre-fire condition, but there are a few things that should almost always be thrown away, no matter what. Read on to learn more.

1. Food

One of the biggest concerns after a fire is food safety. Smoke, soot and firefighting chemicals can permeate many containers, and even heat alone can damage food.

Get rid of anything that is stored in an already opened container, as well as anything kept in plastic, cardboard or cloth packaging. In addition, toss any items in glass jars or metal cans that were exposed to high heat, which can support bacteria growth.

Perishable foods in a freezer or refrigerator might be salvageable, but it depends on how long they went without power. Food is usually safe is a properly sealed refrigerator for around four hours. Take a look inside of the refrigerator and closely assess the items. If the fridge smells smoky or contains soot, or the food has an odd smell, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

2. Cosmetics and Medicine

Be sure to inspect your medicine cabinet after a house fire. If you see any soot, firefighting chemicals or heat damage, throw away the items. Damage includes any warping to the containers, which means they were exposed to high levels of heat.

3. Clothing

Clothing can be dry-cleaned if the only damage is soot or smoke, but if you notice any charring, toss it. This is especially important for children and babies.

House fires are devastating, but most items are replaceable. If you are not sure about what is salvageable and what you need to throw away, there are experts who can help you begin the fire damage cleanup process. Visit http://www.SERVPROyavapaicounty.com for more information on fire damage. 

How To Find Mold in Your Building

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Mold occurs naturally and may exist on your property without posing any problems, unless it begins to grow indoors. If you've been affected by flooding, found leaky plumbing, or can't seem find get rid of a musty odor in your building, you may have problematic mold. The best way to determine if and where mold is in your building is to hire a Prescott, AZ indoor environmental specialist. These professionals have training and specialized equipment to conduct necessary inspections and remediation.

Where Mold Hides

Whether you've seen it or not, unseen mold could be present throughout your building. Professionals will conduct a mold test to learn more. Initially, a visual inspection may be enough to find mold:

• Behind ceiling tiles
• Under carpeting
• Behind floorboards
• Inside heating and air conditioning ducts
• In the basement or attic

However, mold growth inside the walls is hard to find without cutting into the wall. Rather than risking the further spread of spores throughout your building, it is best to leave this part of the remediation process to the indoor environmental specialist. The expert will tell you if there's mold and what type of mold is present. This information will help you and the professional know the best course to take.

Why to Hire a Professional

There are many sources of information offering how-to tips regarding mold remediation, but it's generally best to hire a professional for these tasks. Professionals with the right training and equipment are sure to conduct a thorough cleaning of the area. Some DIY procedures are likely to spread mold spores through your building and this can lead to more expensive problems. An indoor environmental specialist is likely to spend time searching until the source, or sources, of trouble have been found.

When Professional Results Matter

Cleaning up the mold you can see is just part of the process. Reaching the roots of the mold and preventing future mold growth is crucial. Professional mold remediation companies have the equipment, clothing, disinfectants, and training necessary to protect themselves and your Prescott, AZ property from further damage. Visit http://www.SERVPROyavapaicounty.com for more information on mold. 

The Dirty Details of Contaminated Water

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It doesn't matter if you rent or own your living space in Prescott, AZ at some point in your life, you are going to tango with some unwanted water in your domicile. Well, actually, a tango is not a good idea when it comes to some types of water, so trade those dance shoes for some gloves. It is time to learn about the three categories of contaminated water.

• Category 1: "Clean water." Water is categorized by its source as well as by its exposure to materials, temperature and time. The cleanest contaminated water usually comes from a supply line, like a sink faucet or broken pipe, and has not come into contact with any hazardous materials. Clearly, water is damaging to your household and personal goods and so should be cleaned fairly quickly to prevent complications.

• Category 2: "Gray water." The color designation commonly used here has nothing to do with the color of the water. The term refers to water that has been in contact with some contaminates that may make people sick or uncomfortable. In your home, leaks from dishwashers, washing machines and toilet water (without feces) are examples of "gray water." Clean water floods that have sat too long or under warm temperatures may also move into this category.

• Category 3: "Black water." Don't let the name fool you as it may look quite clear, but this water has been exposed to hazards such as chemicals, feces, bacteria, viruses and other pathogens. This includes floods that have originated from or been in contact with lakes, rivers, streams or the ocean. Black water sources from your home include the toilet and sewer system, as well as water from other categories that has been exposed to additional contaminates.

Effectively cleaning water damage requires some knowledge of these three categories. Now that you know the dirty details, you will be able to tango while knowledgeable restoration experts use specialized equipment to return your home to a clean and safe place to live.

Visit http://www.SERVPROyavapaicounty.com for more information on water damage

The Steps of the Sewer Damage Cleanup Process

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A flooded toilet or a sewer backup can cause damage to your commercial property, and when that happens, you must make a plan to have the affected area dried and cleaned. When you call remediation specialists in Prescott, AZ to help you with sewer cleanup, it is good to know what to expect when they arrive. Here are the steps they are likely to take.

1. Utility Shut-Off

To stop the flow of water and minimize risk of electrical shock during the cleanup process, the company is likely to shut off all utilities to the affected area. If the area is large, they may ask the utility company to shut off all power and water to the building.

2. Water Extraction

Through a combination of draining and pumping, the technicians must remove as much of the water as possible. If there is a lot of debris in the water, they may have to use a machine that also suctions out particles as well. During sewer cleanup, it is important to remove as much moisture as possible to slow the growth of bacteria and prevent the growth of mold or mildew.

3. Item Removal

All items that the contaminated water has touched must be removed and cleaned. If they cannot be cleaned, they are discarded safely so that the germs do not spread. The process for items is the same as for the building, only on a smaller scale. They have to be dried and cleaned before they can be used again.

4. Building Disinfection

Hopefully, the technicians will be able to disinfect most of your building's structure. Walls that cannot be salvaged must be removed and replaced, and all wet insulation behind them must be discarded. Technicians make a flood cut to ensure that the whole area affected is removed. This protects your property against secondary damage.

At the end of the process, your property in Prescott, AZ should be dry and disinfected and all unsalvageable items should have been thrown away. Restoration experts can install new flooring or walls so that your building is functional again. Visit http://www.SERVPROyavapaicounty.com for more information on commercial water damage. 

Why Is Flood Water Called Black Water?

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When a flood hits Prescott, AZ you may wonder why city officials and health professionals tell you to stay away from flood water. It’s just water, right? Yet the water from flooding is usually considered what we call “black water,” and can actually be extremely dangerous as a category 3 health hazard.

What Is Black Water, Anyway?

Black water is usually water that has been contaminated by sewage and other unsafe substances. Flood water can pick up contaminants from a number of places, including:

• Ground seepage from septic tanks and sewage lines
• Sewage ditches
• Burst sewer mains
• Waste dumps
• Toilet backflow

Because you cannot tell where the water flooding your premises has been, it’s safest to assume all water from flooding is black water, and avoid contact for safety purposes.

What does Category 3 Black Water Mean?

“Category 3” is another term used for referring to black water. Flood water is ranked in categories from 1 to 3, with category 1 water posing no significant health risk and even being considered clean – while category 2 water has a degree of contaminants, but not as much as highly unsafe category 3 water. Even category 3 has its own sub-levels, however:

• Level I: Small overflows of contaminated water inside a building, usually confined to a small space and easily cleaned without soaking into anything.
• Level II: More interior overflows, but with a much larger affected area and potential contamination or losses.
• Level III: Black water from external sources, causing massive flooding and damage, such as storm damage caused by overflow of sewage mains.

So What Can I Do About Black Water?

Remediating black water can be extremely dangerous and should never be attempted alone. Instead contact a flood remediation and storm damage specialist to find assistance on recovering your property from the damages of flood water. Visit http://www.SERVPROyavapaicounty.com for more information on storm damage. 

What To Do After a Fire at Your Business

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Commercial What To Do After a Fire at Your Business Give SERVPRO a call if you experience fire damage in your business.

The aftermath of a fire can be chaotic and emotionally devastating. You may be concerned with the damage done to your property and the business you’re likely to lose as a result of it. Although it can be difficult, it’s important to keep calm during this hectic time. Your fire insurance is likely to cover the costs of fire restoration services in Prescott, AZ but you need to follow these steps to ensure your claim is accepted.

1. Contact Your Insurance Provider

It’s important to contact your insurance provider first so that you can begin the process of filing a claim. Your provider will want to send a claims adjuster to assess the damage and the sooner this can be scheduled the sooner you will receive payment to pay for restoration services.

2. Secure Your Property

Fire can leave your building with large holes in the walls and ceilings, leaving the contents exposed to further damage. Your insurance will cover damages from the fire but it won’t cover damage from rain and snow entering the building after the fire or theft resulting from the building being easily accessible. A fire restoration company should also offer boarding up services to protect your assets from looting and the elements.

3. Document the Damage

Your insurance company will require evidence of your losses. Take photographs or videos of as much damage as you can without putting yourself in danger. It’s also good to compile a list of everything lost in the fire. If you have receipts or other documentation, start pulling these together.

4. Resist the Temptation To Clean Up

Although you may feel tempted to begin throwing things away or making repairs, don’t. It’s important that the claims adjuster has a chance to assess the original damage. It’s also better to let a fire restoration specialist in Prescott, AZ assess your property before throwing it out. Items you believe to be destroyed by smoke damage may actually be salvageable through smoke cleaning. Visit http://www.SERVPROyavapaicounty.com for more information on commercial fire damage

Quick Guide to Removing Mold From Your Crawlspace

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Mold Remediation Quick Guide to Removing Mold From Your Crawlspace Give SERVPRO a call if you notice mold growing in your home.

If your Prescott, AZ home sits on a crawlspace, you may discover there is mold growing under your home due to the high moisture common in this area. Because it is in a separate space, this fungus growth may not worry you. However, even mold in this part of your home can cause mold damage or make it harder for you to resell your house. You should hire a residential mold removal team to ensure you get rid of this growth in the best way possible.

The Method

Your team of experts may choose to use a mold soda blasting technique. After an inspection, your team may employ several steps to rid your home of the growth.

1. A baking soda mixture is created.
2. The mixture is blasted into the moldy areas of your crawlspace.
3. The area is wiped down by hand to further remove mold.
4. A vacuum is used to clean up the area.

This method is often considered highly effective at removing mold from small, damp spaces, which is why trusted mold remediation teams use it.

The Benefits

Why is mold soda blasting so beneficial? The baking soda mixture actually cleans the wood while the pressure of the blast helps the cleaning agent penetrate tough to reach spaces. The combination of high-pressure compressed air and baking soda creates a great stripping agent. Not only is this method effective, but it works quickly. Many experts who use this technique are able to rid a space of mold four times faster than if they tried to do it by hand. Customers love using this environmentally-safe technique because it is effective and thorough.

If flooding or other moisture problems in your crawlspace have led to mold growth, you need to make sure the fungus is completely removed from your home. Allowing it to stay may invite the spores into other sections of your Prescott, AZ house. Visit http://www.SERVPROyavapaicounty.com for more information on mold. 

How To Avoid A Dryer Fire

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Fire Damage How To Avoid A Dryer Fire Give SERVPRO a call if you experience fire damage.

How To Avoid A Dryer Fire

The washer and the dryer are two appliances that most people have grown up around. They wash and dry clothes, bed sheets, and towels. However, many dryers are neglected more than they should be and can become fire hazards. To prevent a lint fire within your home in Prescott, AZ read these tips.

Your Dryer Can Cause Extensive Fire Damage

Dryer related fires happen more often than you might think. Lint builds up in the dryer after each wash, which can block the airflow and cause heat build-up. If ignored, this can easily become a problem. Other possible causes of dryer fires can include the following:
• Improper installation of the dryer
• A crushed exhaust vent
• Aluminum foil or plastic venting materials

These are things you should be aware of when maintaining or inspecting your dryer. Any of these things could create a fire and destroy your home. However, if this does occur, a fire restoration company can help you restore what was lost.

A Lint Fire Can Be Avoided

The easiest way to lower the risk of a fire is to remove the lint from your lint screen after every wash. Your lint screen might be located on the top of the appliance or within the dryer door. Gently pull out the screen and wipe off the lint with your hands or a brush. After throwing the lint in the trash, you might choose to wash the screen off in the sink to remove any remaining dust.

Once you’ve done this, you are ready for your next load of laundry. Cleaning the lint screen might seem easy, but it’s one of the best ways to avoid hazards and fire damage. To take a step further, keep a fire extinguisher in your laundry room so that you can be extra prepared.

Maintain your dryer so that you don’t have to experience a lint fire. If one does occur, be sure to call the fire department and evacuate. Visit http://www.SERVPROyavapaicounty.com for more information on fire damage

Two Floors Down: The Proper Procedure for Flood Remediation

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When you walk into your business in Prescott, AZ, one morning, you see something that no business owner ever wants to see. There is a new water stain on the ceiling right below where the restroom is located, indicating that you may have a flooded toilet upstairs. Sewer damage is not a problem you want to leave unresolved. To address it, there are a few crucial steps to follow.

1. Call a Sewage Company That Specializes in Flood Remediation. The first step is to call in the experts. They have the knowledge and experience to test damaged areas for contamination, which is likely with an overflowing toilet. They can also assess how extensive the damage is and what it may take to fix it.

2. Remove All Affected Items. Some items with sewer damage can be disinfected and salvaged. Before the cleaning process can begin, however, the items that cannot be saved must be removed. The flooring on which the flooded toilet sits and the ceiling of the floor below must be removed. Damaged walls and wet insulation must also be torn out. If any items, whether part of the building structure or those within it, are damaged beyond repair, technicians can discard them safely.

3. Disinfect and Clean the Entire Area. Sewer remediation specialists clean everything that remains so that it is not a danger to people who enter the building. They can also test the building to ensure that the cleaning process was successful.

4. Replace Parts of the Building Structure That Were Discarded. The remediation process is complete when everything is dry and the floors, ceilings and walls have been replaced. It is then safe to work in the area again.

If your business falls victim to sewer damage that affects two floors, you will likely need help removing all the damaged parts and replacing them. A water damage remediation company can help get you up and running again by following the proper procedure. For more information about commercial restoration, visit http://www.SERVPROyavapaicounty.com/

Water in the Basement: Removal and Cleaning

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Basements are notorious for flooding. Regardless of how well you take care of your sump pump, chances are that the basement of your home in Prescott, AZ, will flood at some point during the time you live there. When that happens, you want to make sure you hire professionals who use the right equipment to remove the water and dry out the basement to avoid further complications. There are two main tools water remediation specialists use to clear over 2 feet of water from a home’s basement.

Trash Pump

A trash pump is a device that is used to vacuum large volumes of water and the debris that’s in it out of a place it’s not supposed to be. When your basement floods, items other than water may contribute to the mess:

• Mud
• Sludge
• Sand
• Twigs
• Leaves

This piece of equipment is designed to remove water quickly without leaving behind everything that washed in with it when it entered. Water and items are sucked through a hose and diverted to an area where they can be deposited safely.

Truck Mounts

After the standing water has been removed, there will still be water on the floor, particularly if your basement is carpeted. A truck mount can be used to extract the leftover water and clean the floor. Truck mounts can withstand high water temperatures, and they control the temperature of the water to keep it steady and reliable. The use of a truck mount is essentially an intense steam-cleaning service that ensures your basement is sanitized at the end of the water extraction.

When the basement of your home in Prescott, AZ, floods, having the water removed and the area cleaned is not as much of a hassle as you might imagine. As long as the water remediation specialists you hire have the right equipment, your basement should be back to normal in no time. For more information about storm damage restoration, visit http://www.SERVPROyavapaicounty.com

4 Reasons Mold Is Growing in Your Building

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If you’ve been struggling with black mold in your building, you may be wondering why it’s so difficult to control. The truth is that mold spores are carried in the air, which means they are everywhere. Because mold can extract nutrition from just about anything, including most building materials, moisture is the number one determining factor for where mold grows. If you have mold, you have a moisture problem.

Hiring a professional mold remediation company in Prescott, AZ, to take care of mold cleanup is a good first step in discovering the source of the moisture. The experts can use infrared light and hydrometers to detect moisture, pinpointing trouble spots. Once you know where to look, here are the most common moisture sources causing black mold in your building.

1. Flooding

If you’ve experienced flooding recently, there’s a chance there is lingering residual moisture in your building. Although materials can seem dry on the surface, if the flooding was severe there can be moisture trapped inside your walls or under your floors.

2. Broken Pipes

A broken pipe is another common cause of moisture. If it’s located inside a wall you may not notice it until it’s seeped through drywall or ceiling tiles and left water stains. Even then, you’ll need a plumber to locate the leak and make repairs.

3. Broken Supply Lines

Supply lines carry water to your fixtures, like sinks, toilets and tubs. If your mold problem is located in the vicinity of these fixtures, a supply line could be the issue. This goes for areas adjacent to rooms containing fixtures, like the ceiling below a bathroom or a closet adjacent to a boiler room.

4. High Humidity

Sometimes high humidity provides enough moisture to support mold growth. If you’re located in Prescott, AZ, where the summers can be hot and humid, the weather could be the culprit. You may not be able to change the weather, but you can change the conditions inside your building. Air conditioning pulls moisture from the air inside your property and keeps it cool and dry, keeping black mold under control. Indoor humidity should be under 50 percent to ensure an unfriendly environment to mold. For more information about mold remediation, visit http://www.SERVPROyavapaicounty.com/.

3 Materials That Can Encourage Mold Growth

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Mold Remediation 3 Materials That Can Encourage Mold Growth This basement had a serious mold problem that stemmed from a moisture problem.

After flooding ravages your Prescott, AZ home, facing cleanup efforts can be daunting. There is much to do, from calling a flood cleanup and restoration company to drain away the water to retrieving items that have been damaged. As you move through this phase, you may discover that mold damage has affected some of your belongings. While mold does not grow on every surface, there are several that can accelerate its growth pattern, especially after a flood.

1. Wood

Wood can display mold and mildew growth as early as 24 hours after a flood occurs. Mold feeds on wood because it is organic and because as a fungus, mold does not require sunlight to grow or spread. Some items that may be affected by mold growth include furniture, wooden floors and decorative moldings around doors and windows.

2. Paper

Because paper is made of wood pulp, it can be quite vulnerable to mold. This means the fungus can affect important documents if they were exposed to moisture or high humidity after a flood. You may want to retrieve these papers as soon as possible and set aside any books or other paper treasures you wish to restore. Your mold remediation experts may be able to offer you additional advice about how to salvage them.

3. Drywall

Finding mold damage on drywall can be common after a flooding mishap, no matter the grade of the water. The fungus may also affect insulation behind any drywall and cause it to rot. Any affected drywall should be cut away and the insulation replaced, as it cannot be dried or salvaged and may smell unpleasant once it starts to mold.

After a flood in your Prescott, AZ home, you may be dealing with a variety of mold damage. While mold can affect many different belongings in your home, taking action right away can help you begin the process of remediation and prevent further damage to your home and treasured items. Visit http://www.SERVPROyavapaicounty.com for more information on mold. 

Steps To Take Immediately After a Pipe Burst

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Water Damage Steps To Take Immediately After a Pipe Burst A leaking pipe caused the mold in this picture to form.

A majority of water damage claims stems from bursting pipes, a problem that can quickly spiral out of control if you don’t act fast. From structural damage to damage to personal property, and from bacterial infection to mold growth, a broken pipe can wreak havoc on both your home’s health and your own health. To minimize damage, there are a few steps you need to take as soon as you discover the broken pipe:

• Shut off your main water valve
• Contact your Prescott, AZ water restoration team
• Call a plumber to fix the broken pipe
• Reach out to your insurance agency

Call Your Water Restoration Team

First and foremost, turn off your home’s main water valve to prevent any more water from seeping into your home. Once you’ve done that, reach out to your local water damage restoration team for cleanup assistance. Not only will your local team have the tools necessary to dry out and clean up areas affected by the bursting pipes, but they can advise you on what needs to be done to prevent mold growth and bacteria buildup. If mold growth is already present, the team can provide mold remediation services in addition to flood damage control.

Bring In a Plumber

Once the area has been cleaned up, refrain from turning your home’s water back on until you’ve had a plumber fix the broken pipe. Turning the water on before repairing the pipe may result in another flood fiasco occurring all over again.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Once you’ve received quotes from your Prescott, AZ flood restoration team and plumber, contact your insurance agency about coverage. If the damage was sudden and unforeseeable, you may be covered under your homeowners’ insurance policy. Unfortunately, however, if you had knowledge of a leak beforehand, the damage may not be covered. This is something you want to know beforehand so that you can plan accordingly.

Bursting pipes can cause significant damage, but if you act fast, you can minimize that damage and keep costs down. Take these measures to start your cleanup and restoration efforts.

Visit http://www.SERVPROyavapaicounty.com for more information on water damage. 

Tips for Maintaining a Commercial Roof

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Commercial Tips for Maintaining a Commercial Roof Heavy storms that recently impacted our area caused damage to the facility in this picture.

Storms often act as a reminder that roofs are not infallible. When a storm strikes in Prescott, AZ your commercial building could end up with a roof leak due to the damage caused by the weather system. While you can't stop a storm from striking your area, you can maintain your roof to better prepare it for the extremes of weather.

Get Your Roof Inspected

Regular roof inspections can help you avoid major roofing problems. While you want to have your building looked at once a year, you should also have the roofing system inspected after a major storm, even if it's already been looked at for the year. This examination should look for a variety of issues, including the following:

* Signs of a previous roof leak
* Loose roofing materials
* Overhanging branches
* Dirt and debris on the roof surface

By the end of the inspection, your contractor should have a suggested repair plan for any problems that were found.

Clean Your Gutters and Storm Drains

Clogged gutters and storm drains can cause water to pool on your roof. This can increase the chances of a leak because the water has nowhere else to go. You should try to keep your gutters and drains clean to improve the overall health of your roof. While cleaning the gutters, you can also check them over for crack or loose brackets.

Fix Roof Problems as You Find Them

Whether wind damage tore off some shingles or your contractor discovered a minor leak during an inspection, you need to address roofing problems as soon as you can. Fixing the problems quickly can help you ensure you only have to deal with a small problem. The longer you let an issue fester, the bigger the repair can get.

If your roof is damaged by a storm, you need to turn to the storm repair experts in Prescott, AZ. Whether you have a roof leak or hail damage, you don't want to leave the problem alone for too long. Visit http://www.SERVPROyavapaicounty.com for more information on commercial storm damage. 

Quick Guide to Commercial Insurance Mold Coverage

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Every commercial policy is slightly different, so you may want to talk with your provider to get the specifics for your coverage. However, in general, mold insurance covers most instances of fungus growth. Here's what you need to know about mold coverage and how it can affect your remediation efforts in Prescott Valley, Arizona.

All Risk

Mold policies normally come in two distinct first-party categories. First, coverage may be all risk. This means insurers cover mold damage unless they can prove the cause of the contamination is specifically excluded in the policy. Typical exclusions may include mold caused by the following:

• Faulty workmanship
• Wear and tear
• Dry or wet rot
• Pollution
• Corrosion

You should read through your policy to better understand the potential circumstances that could stop you from getting reimbursed for mold remediation. This type of coverage is typically easier for you, the policyholder, because the provider has to prove the damage was caused by an excluded event.

Specified Peril

The second first-party policy type is called specified peril. This type of coverage helps pay for the remediation of fungus growth if you can prove it is caused by one of the included perils. In other words, your mold issue has to be caused by a pre-defined event included in the policy and you have to prove it. Both types of coverage have limitations you need to make yourself familiar with.

Third-Party Claims

If you are a landlord for an apartment building or commercial complex, your tenants could try to sue you due to mold contamination. In this type of situation, you may be able to turn to your insurance company for help defend you against the suit. Again, the help you receive may be dictated in the language of your policy.

If you are working with a mold insurance provider to find remediation experts near you, you want to find a company that is used to working with various types of mold coverage. Fungus growth can be hard to deal with, but when you hire professionals the process can be much easier.

For more on Mold visit us at http://www.SERVPROyavapaicounty.com.

Quick Guide to Commercial Insurance Mold Coverage

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Every commercial policy is slightly different, so you may want to talk with your provider to get the specifics for your coverage. However, in general, mold insurance covers most instances of fungus growth. Here's what you need to know about mold coverage and how it can affect your remediation efforts in Prescott, AZ.

All Risk

Mold policies normally come in two distinct first-party categories. First, coverage may be all risk. This means insurers cover mold damage unless they can prove the cause of the contamination is specifically excluded in the policy. Typical exclusions may include mold caused by the following:

• Faulty workmanship
• Wear and tear
• Dry or wet rot
• Pollution
• Corrosion

You should read through your policy to better understand the potential circumstances that could stop you from getting reimbursed for mold remediation. This type of coverage is typically easier for you, the policyholder, because the provider has to prove the damage was caused by an excluded event.

Specified Peril

The second first-party policy type is called specified peril. This type of coverage helps pay for the remediation of fungus growth if you can prove it is caused by one of the included perils. In other words, your mold issue has to be caused by a pre-defined event included in the policy and you have to prove it. Both types of coverage have limitations you need to make yourself familiar with.

Third-Party Claims

If you are a landlord for an apartment building or commercial complex, your tenants could try to sue you due to mold contamination. In this type of situation, you may be able to turn to your insurance company for help defend you against the suit. Again, the help you receive may be dictated in the language of your policy.

If you are working with a mold insurance provider to find remediation experts near you, you want to find a company that is used to working with various types of mold coverage. Fungus growth can be hard to deal with, but when you hire professionals the process can be much easier. Visit  http://www.SERVPROyavapaicounty.com for more information on mold. 

3 Ways the Pros Get Rid of Smoke Smell

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Smoke odor removal typically isn’t one of those things that you can just do on your own with a little elbow grease. Smoke is an extremely pesky substance that can infuse itself into any even slightly porous surface, and it’s difficult to get rid of later on. Fortunately, smoke cleaning professionals in Prescott, AZ have a number of ways to combat this issue:

• Air purifiers
• Ozone machines
• Thermal foggers

These machines are designed to not only deodorize a space but to remove the smoke itself to keep the area smelling and looking fresh.

Air Purifiers

These machines can be purchased in almost any hardware store and are already used by homeowners across the world to deodorize. However, when they’re used by professionals, they are often heavy-duty models that work alongside a number of other techniques to remove smoke damage from a space.

Ozone Machines

These machines produce ozone, a gas which can eliminate dangerous or unwanted airborne particles in your home, including smoke. This smoke cleaning device uses ozone itself to push smoke out of its place, replacing it with a clean, aerosol-like scent over time. Of course, this method may not be the best option if you have pets or young children, as ozone is toxic in high doses.

Thermal Foggers

A thermal fogger is designed to condense smoke and soot into a form that’s easier to clean. The machines release a hot mist into a space, which seeps into fabrics, porous counters and more to soak up the smoke particles that have made themselves at home there. Because the smoke particles are contained in this way, they’re simpler to remove or wipe away.

Smoke cleaning can be a tough, lengthy process, but working with professionals can help you get the job done faster and more effectively. In the end, it’s worth it to get your home back to its old self. Visit  http://www.SERVPROyavapaicounty.com for more information on fire damage. 

3 Methods To Get Rid of Smoke Odor

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Smoke odor lingers long after a fire. Even though this smell may be less severe than visible evidence of fire damage, smoke damage also poses risks to a commercial property. In addition to potentially exacerbating allergies and other breathing conditions, acidic smoke can also discolor walls and damage surfaces and carpet fibers. Smoke cleaning is the best way to eliminate this undesirable smell and reduce the potentially damaging effects of smoke and soot.

As well as completely cleaning all items on a commercial property, restoration specialists in Prescott, AZ rely on three methods to get rid of smoke and its smell:

1. Air filtration devices: An air filtration device or industrial air scrubber circulates air while removing particulates. These devices reduce the amount of smoke particles in the air.

2. Ozone machines: Ozone machines neutralize the odor of smoke particles in the air and adhering to soft or porous materials through oxidation. The ozone follows the same path as the smoke.

3. Thermal foggers: Thermal foggers are the most thorough method of smoke cleaning. Fogging involves filling a space with similarly sized particles that counteract odors. Be sure to open cabinets, closets, and drawers to completely eliminate the smell of smoke.

In addition to these highly effective methods, you can also rely on experts to take additional steps to prevent the smell of smoke from lingering in a commercial property. Any items that cannot be salvaged should be disposed of, as this debris can sustain or even reintroduce the unwanted smell. All other contents and surfaces should be thoroughly cleaned using a suitable method to remove soot and smoke residue.

It is not difficult to eliminate every trace of smoke damage and smoke odor with the right tools and a plan of action. Restoration experts in Prescott, AZ will be able to determine which smoke cleaning methods are right for your property.

Visit  http://www.SERVPROyavapaicounty.com for more information on commercial fire damage. 

3 Methods To Get Rid of Smoke Odor

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Smoke odor lingers long after a fire. Even though this smell may be less severe than visible evidence of fire damage, smoke damage also poses risks to a commercial property. In addition to potentially exacerbating allergies and other breathing conditions, acidic smoke can also discolor walls and damage surfaces and carpet fibers. Smoke cleaning is the best way to eliminate this undesirable smell and reduce the potentially damaging effects of smoke and soot.

As well as completely cleaning all items on a commercial property, restoration specialists in Bagdad, Arizona, rely on three methods to get rid of smoke and its smell:

1. Air filtration devices: An air filtration device or industrial air scrubber circulates air while removing particulates. These devices reduce the amount of smoke particles in the air.

2. Ozone machines: Ozone machines neutralize the odor of smoke particles in the air and adhering to soft or porous materials through oxidation. The ozone follows the same path as the smoke.

3. Thermal foggers: Thermal foggers are the most thorough method of smoke cleaning. Fogging involves filling a space with similarly sized particles that counteract odors. Be sure to open cabinets, closets, and drawers to completely eliminate the smell of smoke.

In addition to these highly effective methods, you can also rely on experts to take additional steps to prevent the smell of smoke from lingering in a commercial property. Any items that cannot be salvaged should be disposed of, as this debris can sustain or even reintroduce the unwanted smell. All other contents and surfaces should be thoroughly cleaned using a suitable method to remove soot and smoke residue.

It is not difficult to eliminate every trace of smoke damage and smoke odor with the right tools and a plan of action. Restoration experts in Bagdad, Arizona, will be able to determine which smoke cleaning methods are right for your property.

For more information on commercial smoke or fire visit us at http://www.SERVPROyavapaicounty.com.

Jumping a Water Damage Category

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If your business in Prescott, AZ has ever needed water pipe repair, then you might be familiar with the industry's categorization of water damage types:

1. Clean water: Category one
2. Contaminated water: Category two
3. Filthy water: Category three

These are oversimplified descriptions: A water damage recovery company should have a more detailed description available. One of the problems with category one issues, such as a broken pipe, is that water can easily move up from the first category, becoming more and more contaminated. Here are a few examples of that process in the real world.

Multiple Floor Buildings

Buildings with more than one floor easily contaminate water, even if it's a simple loft or second story. Any flooded areas on the higher floors have the potential to leak down to the lower levels, picking up contaminants along the way.

Violent Water

If the initial flood event is extreme enough, it might have enough force to knock items off of shelves. Even contamination with everyday chemicals, such as soaps or disinfectants, increases the category level of water damage. While cleaning products might not seem dirty, their presence raises the difficulty of the cleanup process and the extent of the damage.


Procrastinating water pipe repair or flood damage mitigation is likely to lead to contaminated water. Standing water is the worst offender: Algae, mold and even insects spawn in these indoor pools. However, even moisture left over from improper cleanup could fester, likely leading to category increases on subsequent floods.

Businesses in Prescott, AZ don't make money by paying for water pipe repair, but water damage almost ends up costing more if you let it be. The increase in costs is two-pronged: You have a harder initial cleanup job and your chance of secondary damage is greater, requiring more extensive mitigation. The longer you wait, the more likely it is that the water could be placed in the most dangerous category. Visit http://www.SERVPROyavapaicounty.com for more information on commercial water damage.

What To Expect When Faced With Flood Damage

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When it comes to dealing with water damage, it is essential that home and business owners in Prescott, AZ take immediate action. The longer structures remain submerged, the greater the risk that you may need to tear out and restore significant portions of the building. Here are the six steps to expect during the post-storm restoration process:

1. Contact a professional restoration crew. Many companies have 24-hour call centers that can get you in touch with a local service. Make sure to have the following information on hand:

• Contact information
• Insurance information
• Street address of flooded site
• Time damage occurred
• Cause of flooding

2. Damage assessment. Technicians should perform a comprehensive inspection of the extent and type of damage and take steps to move or block off furniture or other items to prevent further deterioration.

3. Water Removal. Industrial pumps are used to extract as much standing water as possible, minimizing secondary water damage and mold growth. A crew may need to tear out carpeting as well to protect the subfloor.

4. Drying and Dehumidification. Water retained in porous wall and floor materials can cause warping and mold growth. Technicians use specialized industrial air movers and dehumidifiers to dissipate moisture.

5. Disinfection and Odor Removal. Air scrubbers and fogging equipment are used to deodorize and sanitize walls and furniture, using antimicrobial and disinfectant treatments. Professional cleaning services can often help to restore personal items, such as clothing or photographs.

6. Rehabilitation. At this stage, a professional team can help you to identify any repairs needed to return the premises to pre-flooding condition, including whether you need to tear out portions of the structure that may have been compromised.

Storm restoration is a multi-step process that requires promptness and technical expertise. It is a good idea to keep an emergency contact on hand for a professional service in Prescott, AZ that specializes in flooding and water damage. Visit http://www.SERVPROyavapaicounty.com for more information on storm damage.

Fire Damage Cleanup

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Types of Smoke Damage
Once at a fire scene, a SERVPRO of Yavapai County Professional will test the soot to determine which type of smoke damage occurred. Cleaning procedures will be based on the information identified during fire damage pretesting.

Types of soot include:

  • Wet Smoke Residues - Result from smoldering fires with low heat. Residues are sticky, smeary and with pungent odors.  Smoke webs can be difficult to clean.
  • Dry Smoke Residues - Result from fast burning fires at high temperatures. Residues are often dry, powdery, small, nonsmeary smoke particles.
  • Protein Residues - Virtually invisible residues that discolor paints and varnishes.  Extreme pungent odor.
  • Fuel Oil Soot - Furnace puff backs distribute fuel oil soot.
  • Other Types of Residues - Tear gas, fingerprint powder, and fire extinguisher residues also need cleanup.

With the Slide Fire getting some containment today, it appears that the fire fighters have a good handle on the burn. If your home has been affected by soot and smoke from the wildlife please give SERVPRO of Yavapai County a call for a free estimate.

Wildfires in Yavapai County

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SERVPRO of Yavapai County asks all residents of Yavapai County and surrounding areas to use precautions this year to make sure wildfires stay at a minimum. 

There is a high risk of wildfires this week due to a storm system that will be moving through Arizona bringing high winds with it.

Watch the following video for more information:


Remember SERVPRO of Yavapai County is here to help whether it's fire damage, water damage, or mold damage. We are here 24 hours a day 7 days a week for all of your restoration needs. Let us take care of all of your fire cleanup, water cleanup, or mold cleanup. Call us today to schedule.


Black Mold in Yavapai County

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Finding black mold in your home can be scary. Remember, it never hurts to educate yourself, especially when it comes to any water damage to your home. Click on the links below to educate yourself on black mold and the effects black mold or any mold can have on you or your home.



It is important that if you have any kind of microbial growth to have it tested by a licensed environmental hygienist. These results will tell what kind of growth you are dealing with and the best way to treat. 

SERVPRO of Yavapai County is always here to help with all of your water cleanup, mold cleanup, or fire cleanup. Give us a call today and let us help! 928-636-7600

Mold Cleanup Services

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Having water damage to your home or business can be stressful. Timing is of the essence for water damage cleanup. Mold can start forming within as little as 72 hours. If you have water damage to your home call or email SERVPRO of Yavapai County today and let us help.

It is important that if you find mold in your home to have it tested by a licensed environmental hygienist. This will determine what kind of mold you are dealing with and the best course of treatment.

Once the report is back, SERVPRO can handle the job from start to finish. We make sure to set up containment and not spread the damages through your house or business. 

If you have any questions call our offices at 928-636-7600. We have teams that are always available to help you. 

Arizona Wildfires

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With recent wildfires in California it is important to be prepared if we ever have wildfires in Arizona. Wildfires can quickly destroy homes and commercial buildings. It is important to be prepared and have a plan of where you can evacuate to if you have a fire in your area. 

SERVPRO is always available to help with the smoke and soot cleanup. Even if you home is not in the fire, a big radius around the fire can have damages. We have the equipment and team in place to handle any size fire loss. Most of the time it is just duct cleaning and improving the air quality in your home or business. 

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at anytime. 

Prepare for wildfire season

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PRESCOTT - The U.S. Forest Service and City of Prescott are partnering on improvements to the Forest Service's air tanker base next to its Prescott Fire Center at the city airport that will increase its capacity for heavy air tankers that fight wildfires.

SERVPRO of Yavapai County urges all residents of Prescott, Prescott Valley, Flagstaff, Sedona, and all surrounding areas to please take precaution in the upcoming wildfire season. Call our office today for information of any fire damage or fire cleanup you may have. We are here to help.

It is important to always be prepared for wildfires. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at anytime day or night. You can call us direct at 928-636-7600.

Water cleanup after a storm

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SERVPRO of Yavapai County can help assist you in the cleanup of your water damage. Our trained and certified staff will rapidly get the water extracted to prevent secondary damage.

In most cases, storms can cause significant damages to your home or business. It is important to get all of the water our of your facility as quickly as possible. 

Our truck mounted extraction tools along with commercial drying equipment will help restore your property and prevent mold, mildew or rot.

SERVPRO of Yavapai County has been helping local residents overcome the stress of water damage since 1985.

Call our office for immediate help: 928-636-7600. We have teams on call 24/7, 365 days a year ready to help and serve you. Fast response is critical in the restoration industry. 

Free Moisture Inspections

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Had a water damage?

Sometimes it isn't necessary to make a claim on your insurance. If your deductible is $1000 and the cleanup is $1200 then why make a claim. Too many claims in your file will get you dropped from your insurance. It may be more beneficial in the long run to pay the extra 200 than to save it if it means being dropped by your insurance.

Let SERVPRO of Yavapai County give you a free moisture investigation at your property!

Our technicians use state of the art equipment to find water in unsuspecting places. One of our quailifed technicians will determine if you have wet building materials that could cause further damage.

Call our office now to schedule: (928)-636-7600

Water Damages Cleanup Services Prescott, AZ

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Water Damage Water Damages Cleanup Services Prescott, AZ An angle stop that is broken and spraying water.

SERVPRO of Yavapai County understands the stress when you have a water damage in your business or home. That is why we are available 24/7 to help. 

Our water and mold remediation technicians will mitigate the damage to prevent mold, mildew or bacteria. We are certified in both Water Restoration and Mold Cleanup. Using EPA disinfectants, we will make your business or home safe to reenter and occupy. 

SERVPRO of Yavapai County has been trusted by local business's and insurance companies to assit with their water damage projects. Our office is on vendor program with most big brand insurance agencies.

If you have emergency water damage or fire damage needs, please call us now. We will work with your insurance agent and adjuster to have your home or business restored.


Water Damage and Roof Repair

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Storm Damage Water Damage and Roof Repair Weather map of Yavapai Area.

With all of the rain we will be having this winter there is bound to be water damage in some homes in Prescott, Prescott Valley, Dewey, Chino Valley, Flagstaff, and all of Yavapai County and surrounding areas.

Most damages come when the home is not ready for the winter. Some shingles may have flown off the roof during the summer. Maybe the gutters need to be cleaned. Both problems could cause a water damage.

Check out your weather information by clicking on the link below.


If you do have any Storm Damage or Storm Cleanup needs give SERVPRO of Yavapai County a call today. 24 hours a day 7 days a week. 928-636-7600 or email us at sp9820@SERVPROyavapaicounty.com 

You don't have to worry about water damage.

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Water Damage You don't have to worry about water damage. Wooden floors covered in water.

A basement can flood at any time, although flooding most often occurs during heavy rainfall. Basements are inherently prone to flooding because they are the lowest level of a building and are normally built partly or entirely below ground level.

There are a number of reasons why your Prescott basement could flood, including: 

  • A blocked or failed sewer lateral pipe

  • Heavy rain causes surface water to pool around your home

  • Storm sewer backup because of debris

  • Sanitary sewer backup due to a tree root or clog

  • Foundation drainage failure

  • Water supply-line break from the ice maker

  • hot-water tank failure after the warranty is voided

  • There are a lot of ways to have a water damage.

    If You Have Questions or Need Help, Please Call Us At  - 928-636-7600

Commercial Fire and Smoke Damage in Prescott Arizona

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Commercial Commercial Fire and Smoke Damage in Prescott Arizona Fire damaged

Fire & Smoke damage can be especially devastating to your business.  Every hour spent restoring your business back to pre-fire condition is an hour of lost revenue and productivity.  If your business experiences a fire loss, call the fire and water damage restoration experts at SERVPRO of Yavapai County, and we’ll respond immediately to get you back to business.

According to the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning & Restoration Certification), when the fire trucks are gone, without proper immediate response, the real damage and costs are just beginning.  Returning your home or business to preloss condition requires professional restoration. 

Don’t let your business suffer and lose revenue; call SERVPRO of Yavapai County to take control and put your business back to working order! 928-636-7600

Holiday Season Brings a Chance of House Fires

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Be Careful With Fires During the Holidays

During the holiday season homeowners should be aware that the chance for fire damage to their property is a lot higher. Sources of house fires include candles, cooking; Christmas tree and electrical problems just to name a few.

Homeowners should be aware that leaving candles unattended is a quick way to start a house fire and cause damage to your home and personal belongings. Watering your Christmas tree will also help with preventing that Christmas tradition from going up in flames.

 As a national vendor for major insurance carriers we know what it takes to get your property restored back to the way things were before the fire.

SERVPRO of Yavapai County does offer free estimates for all smoke, soot and fire cleanup projects.

Commercial Water Damage Cleanup Tips

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Commercial Commercial Water Damage Cleanup Tips Wet carpet in commercial building

When you have water damage to your office it can be a confusing and stressful experience. At SERVPRO of Yavapai County, our technicians will educate you on how the water cleanup process works and help put your anxiety to rest. Our warehouse has all of the proper water cleanup equipment to get the job done “Like it never even happened.”

Click on the links below to learn more about the water restoration and what SERVPRO of Yavapai County can do for you!



SERVPRO of Yavapai County now services all of northern Arizona including: Prescott, Prescott Valley, Mayer, Camp Verde, Rimrock, Cottonwood, Chino Valley, Dewey, Paulden, Flagstaff, Yarnell, Peeples Valley, and all surrounding areas.

Call us today! 928-636-7600

Mold Remediation in Yavapi County

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Source: http://www.IICRC.org/consumers/care/mold-remediation/

Mold becomes a problem inside a home or business when there's excessive humidity or moisture for an extended period of time. The problem can originate from sudden water releases, like a burst pipe or large spill that goes untreated, or from a chronic condition, such as a leaking roof or plumbing. Even high humidity or warm, moist air condensing on cool surfaces can trigger mold problems. It's always best to have the mold evaluated and removed by a certified professional.

Mold can grow almost anywhere in a home or business if conditions permit. If there is visible growth on painted wall surfaces, property owners should be concerned about what may be growing on the wall's opposite side. The environment inside the walls of a house often differs drastically from the outside and could create a perfect haven for mold. If the wall remains wet for a prolonged period, it's almost guaranteed that the mold growth on the back side will be worse than on the front. At that point, containing the work space and removing moldy materials, followed by cleaning of salvageable framing, are the best options.

Certified professionals have the training and experience to:

  • Identify moisture sources
  • Evaluate mold growth (visible or suspected)
  • Contain damage to the smallest area possible
  • Physically remove contamination
  • Dry materials to ensure that mold will not return
  • Perform or recommend procedures for returning property to a preloss condition

Mold Damage and Its Effects

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SERVPRO of Yavapai doesn't profess to know everything there is to know about mold. We do know how to clean it up if it gets into your home. But if you "geek out" on mold then here is a site that can explain more.

Click on the link below to learn more about mold and the effects it may have on your home. The Center for Disease Control is a great place to learn more about the different types of mold that are present in your home.


Call our office today for more information on what we can do to help you take care of a water damage or mold damage in your home.

If it is too late and you have already discovered mold growth call SERVPRO of Yavapai County today for an estimate.


Home and Commercial Carpet Cleaning

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Commercial Home and Commercial Carpet Cleaning Clean Carpets

SERVPRO of Yavapai County can do so much more than water mitigation and fire restoration. We are here to help with any carpet cleaning, duct cleaning, and furniture cleaning. Have questions on specialty items you need professionally cleaned, give SERVPRO of Yavapai County a call today for a quote over the phone. There is no job too big or small.

Does your business have wear lines in the carpet? Are there coffee stains in the offices? We clean commercial buildings too. Don't think of us only for carpets. We can fridges, walls, air ducts, and hardwoods.

Call SERVPRO of Yavapai County today! Our technicians are ready to answer any questions you may have.

Serving Prescott, Prescott Valley, and all surrounding areas.


Prepare Your Company for a Flood

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Prepare Your Company for a Flood

When there is a storm warning in Prescott, AZ it is important to pay attention to it. Flood water can cause a potentially life-threatening situation, so it should never be taken lightly. This is true whether water is rising in homes or businesses. If you are responsible for or involved in your company’s flood emergency response plan, it is important to keep the following four things in mind.

Be Informed. Learn as much as you can. The lives of your employees and co-workers could depend upon your knowledge. Make sure you can tell people where to go for safety in a flooded building. If there is a flood watch, make sure you are monitoring the television or the radio to know if there is an evacuation order, or where it is better to remain in place.

Plan Ahead. Know the likelihood of your company building being surrounded by flood water. Are you in a flood plain? You should also have a number of emergency contacts at hand to call if you have questions or need assistance. In the case of extensive water damage, be ready to turn to a company that you trust to come in for a quick restoration.

Protect Valuable Electronics. With all of the important information that is on company computers, make sure you have all of your data backed up. Water can cause so much damage to a computer system that its company files might be unrecoverable. A system to back up data will protect priceless information.

Maintain an Emergency Kit. A company emergency kit should contain the following items:

First-aid kit

This information is only part of the beginning stages to protecting your company from flood water damage. There are many other things you can do as well, but having a plan in place is a great first step. Visit http://www.SERVPROyavapaicounty.com for more information on flood damage.

Is Your Business Covered for Mold Damage?

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Is Your Business Covered for Mold Damage?

It is always important to review your insurance policies with your insurance provider every now and again. Mold is an all too frequent problem that property owners face. Fungus growth is often found after water damage. Whether or not your property owner's insurance will cover remediation depends on your policy and the cause of the mold.

Mold Coverage

If the water damage that caused the mold was due to what is term by the insurance industry “a common peril,” it should typically be covered. Common perils include a burst water pipe or a malfunctioning AC unit. If the mold is considered an extension of water damage covered by your policy, then most or all the costs associated with removing the fungus growth will be covered.

If the growth is linked to a lack of maintenance or neglect on your part, you might have to pay out of pocket. For instance, if you fail to fix a leaky pipe for an unreasonable amount of time, and mold results because of it, you may be accused of neglect. You will be responsible for the remedying the problem on your own.

Preventing Mold

You can be proactive in preventing growth by keeping your property dry, cleaning up spills and mending leaks. Vents and fans are a wonderful way to help reduce moisture and humidity near appliances that create a damp environment. Periodically check your basement and crawl spaces for pooling water and subsequent fungus growth.

If you do suffer water damage that your insurance covers, take pictures of the area in case mold does develop in the area. The photos can act as proof of your claim.

If you have questions as to whether you have mold insurance, contact your insurance agent or consult a mold specialist in Prescott, AZ before you have work done. Visit http://www.SERVPROyavapaicounty.com for more information on mold.

How Can I Find Out if I Have Mold in My Business?

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How Can I Find Out if I Have Mold in My Business?

Discovering that your business has a mold problem can be disruptive and sometimes frightening. That’s because mold often grows unseen for a long time before it emerges into living spaces where it can easily be detected, allowing for a large-scale problem to develop. If you are seeing mold growth in your main production areas, chances are good that there are problems in crawl spaces and between the walls that need your attention. Here’s a list of ways you can detect that mold problem early, as well as explanations about how an indoor environmental specialist in Prescott, AZ can help with a mold test.

Finding Mold Growth Through Visual Inspection

If you are concerned about mold growth in your property and you want to keep an eye on the places that it might develop without being noticed, you will want to make sure you inspect your property regularly. Here are the important but often overlooked places you might find mold problems:

In crawl spaces, especially under the roof or under a home that is built on a slab
In basements, especially semi-finished basements and those with natural earth walls or floors
In gaps in the siding where water can affect the wood infrastructure of the house
Under sinks and in other areas where drainage and water pipes pass
In bathrooms, behind toilet fixtures where moisture might accumulate

Consulting an Indoor Environmental Specialist

It’s entirely possible that your inspection will not turn up any problems, even if there is mold growth. That’s because mold can still grow in areas where you are unable to inspect for it, and the spores can still wind up released into the wider environment in your home. Working with a specialist who can offer an indoor mold test is the best way to make sure you know if you are dealing with mold growth. Most specialists also work with the companies that clean up mold problems, so they can easily refer you to the next step in the process if your test is positive.? Visit http://www.SERVPROyavapaicounty.com for more information on mold.

Minimizing Commercial Fire Damage

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Minimizing Commercial Fire Damage

It would be of great benefit to a business to have a fire sprinkler system for fire suppression when a fire first starts so as to prevent a catastrophic amount of fire damage or heavy smoke damage and soot damage. If a fire does get out of hand, everyone knows to evacuate the employees first. Then the fire department should be called to get a firefighter or two to come in their fire truck and use their big fire hose for fire suppression and to extinguish the fire, minimizing the commercial fire damage.

Businesses such as restaurants that use hot grease or other flammables regularly obviously have a higher risk of sustaining commercial fire damage than a different type of business would have for, say, a utility room fire, which may not require much effort to extinguish. Old electrical wiring sometimes causes an electrical fire. Every safety precaution against fire should be taken in every business.

It is obviously important for a firefighter and his fellow firefighter and a fire truck with a lengthy fire hose to get to the business quickly. If fire suppression is done quickly enough to save the building from total destruction by the electrical fire, or even from what starts as just a utility room fire, fire restoration can take place. If many buildings are on fire, the fire department should be called quickly to assure that a fireman is available to get there with his fire truck and fire hose. Contact numbers for commercial fire damage professionals and important business papers should be kept in a safe place.

First Contact with Restoration Company

When a fire restoration professional receives a call about a fire-damaged business, he will likely ask about the location and the extent of the fire damage, smoke damage, and soot damage. He will want to know things like if the fire was an electrical fire, a utility room fire, or what the source of the fire was. The more details the caller can provide, the better prepared the restoration crew that is sent to the business will be.

Inspection and Assessment

Professionals then come out to inspect the building and determine the extent of the fire damage, including smoke damage and soot damage. They will see what water damage will likely have been done by the fire sprinkler system for fire suppression. Then they develop a plan of action from their assessment.

Protection of the Site

The protection of the roof and the windows is the next step in fire restoration that the professionals take to put onto the structure. If the situation warrants, the company crew will put a tarp on the roof and boards on the windows.

Water Removal

After a fire sprinkler system has sprayed water all over and a firefighter has sprayed a large amount of water into the business with his fire hose that connects to a large amount of water in the fire truck, there is a lot of water that needs to be removed.

Smoke and Soot Removal

Next, the professionals deal with the actual fire damage by using techniques and equipment to take the smoke and the soot off of any surface that has sustained smoke damage and soot damage. Much commercial fire damage can be reversed just through this step. Fires such as a utility room fire may not do much more than give off smoke and soot.


Air scrubbers, fogging equipment, and special techniques are used to clean items that are salvageable.


Fire restoration ends with repairs, replacements, reconstruction, and painting. Electrical fire damage will require all of those things. This would be a good time to install a fire sprinkler system if there hadn’t been one there before.
Visit http://www.SERVPROyavapaicounty.com for more information on fire damage.

The Process Of Repairing Flood Damage

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The Process Of Repairing Flood Damage

Never attempt to repair water damage yourself. Hire water cleanup professionals to get rid of water in home or water in business. These are the steps that water cleanup professionals from a restoration company will follow:

Prevention Of Further Damage And Assessment:

1. Ensure That More Water Doesn't Enter Your Home:

In many cases of flood damage, water cleanup professionals from a restoration company initially concentrate their efforts on keeping more floodwater from getting in. If a pipe break occurs, the first order of business is to close the pipe break.

Sometimes, the water supply to the house will have to be turned off to repair a pipe break. Whether or not the water will have to be turned off depends on the type of pipe break. If it was a supply line break, a valve within the plumbing system will be closed to ensure that water doesn't reach the supply line break while it's being repaired.

2. Determine The Extent And Type Of The Water Damage:

Some causes of water damage are easy to determine. An example of such a cause would be a supply line break. Other causes are far more difficult to determine, such as water in home or water in business coming in from outside over a long period of time from an unidentified location.

The severity of water damage on surfaces is measured with a hydrometer. Infrared cameras are used to determine if there is water in home or water in business trapped behind walls. In addition, water cleanup professionals will look for mold growth.

The Mitigation Of Water Damage:

3. Remove Water That Is Trapped In The House:

The restoration of a flooded home requires the use of specialized pumps for water cleanup. Sometimes, the water in a flooded home is so deep that submersible pumps are needed. In other cases, the water in a flooded home isn't as deep and a wet dry vacuum can be used. The water in home or water in business is always pumped out as quickly as possible.

4. Drying:

During the drying process, hydrometers are used to determine the amount of water left on surfaces. The indoor air conditions are monitored closely to ensure optimal conditions for drying. Dehumidifiers are used to make air conditions more suitable for drying. In addition, air movers are utilized to create air currents. This helps to increase the rate of evaporation.

5. Removal Of Contaminants:

Flood damage often causes the contamination of surfaces. Even after supply line breaks and other causes of flooding that result in clean water entering a home, contaminants can multiply quickly on saturated surfaces. Specialized cleaners are used to sanitize a flooded home, and they often have antifungal and antibacterial properties.

Sometimes, the restoration company may need to remove materials due to mold growth. This could include materials that are located above the water line. Materials that are porous are more likely to have to be removed by the restoration company. In many cases of mold growth, specialized cleaning equipment for the mitigation of mold is necessary.

6. The Restoration Of Personal Belongings:

Personal belongings are likely to be cleaned during the restoration process. However, the restoration process is much more difficult for certain items, such as the following:

Certain Types Of Fabrics
Items With Large Amounts Of Mold

7. Replacement:

Often times, materials that are crucial for the structure of a home have to be removed as a result of flood damage. After the damage mitigation process, these materials are replaced by flood damage mitigation professionals.
Visit http://www.SERVPROyavapaicounty.com for more information on water damage.

Steps to Take When You Have Flood Damage

8/31/2017 (Permalink)

Steps to Take When You Have Flood Damage

Few things are more devastating than flood damage. Water is powerful. It can take over your home or business, causing thousands of dollars in damage, leaving behind a powerful smell and potentially causing structural damage. There is a reason why hurricanes tend to cause millions of dollars in damage. With that being said, you are not alone if you suffer from water damage. There are companies that specialize in restoration and can help you mitigation, as well. When you have water in your home or water in a business, it's important not to handle water cleanup on your own. A flooded home deserves a restoration company that can help. Here are the steps to take when you suffer flood damage in your commercial or residential property.

Salvage important property
When your home or business suffers water damage, you should begin by salvaging property that is critical for your life. If you've been planning ahead, then you probably have your critical business documents and personal documentation in a waterproof bag. There may be other things you want to take with you, as well. Your first step in dealing with flood damage is to get everything you need and vacate the home. Water cleanup should be done by a professional restoration expert. This can only be done if you get what you need and vacate the flooded home or business.

Contact a great company
After dealing with your insurance provider, you'll need to enlist the help of a skilled restoration company. Whether the water in your home came from a supply line break, a pipe break or some other issue, a professional restoration company can help with water cleanup so your home can start the drying process. This restoration effort may take weeks, so you should settle in for the long haul when you have water in your business or water in your home.

Pumping water out of your home
After you experience that supply line break or pipe break, a good company will begin the process of restoration and mitigation. Their goal will be to get your home back into fighting shape as soon as possible while also ensuring that you suffer the smallest amount of damage. This process starts with pumping standing water from your home. The longer water is allowed to stand, the more likely it will cause long-term harm to your property. Once standing water is removed, the restoration experts will deal with your flooded home to ensure that other problems don't ruin you.

Using professional tools to dry your home
One of the most important reasons why you shouldn't undertake water cleanup on your own has to do with equipment. Flood damage from a supply line break or pipe break can bring massive amounts of water into your property. Drying that property will take more than a few towels. Water damage should be dealt with by a restoration company that has the tools to dry the home quickly.

The quicker the company complete the drying process, the easier it will be to prevent the long-term effects of water damage. Every day that water in your business or home remains, mildew and mold can grow. This can cause an awful smell and potentially rot your home. Proper mitigation efforts are needed when you have water in your business. This is only possible with professional equipment.

Checking the structural integrity of your home
A flooded home is nothing to fool with from a structural integrity standpoint. When you have water in your home or water in a business, proper mitigation demands more than just drying. It also demands a check to ensure that your home hasn't suffered from rot. A good company will take note of your home's foundation, walls and the like whenever a supply line break or pipe break threatens to destroy that which you've worked so hard to build. This process will make it easy for you to step back into your home or business without worry.
Visit http://www.SERVPROyavapaicounty.com for more information on water damage.

Fire Damage and How to Recover

8/31/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage and How to Recover

Fire damage can cause no end of trouble for those who have a fire in a home or fire in a business. Soot damage, smoke damage, lingering smoke smells, structural damage and broken windows are only some of the factors a fire cleanup must address. Be it for a fire in a home or fire in a business, fire damage restoration is a task best left to professionals with standardized processes to deal with the various factors of fire cleanup. A restoration company keeps trained inspectors and experienced personnel on payroll to deal with the intricate problems found in fire damage restoration, whether it is recovery from residential or commercial fire damage.

The first phase of fire cleanup is a straightforward inspection and assessment by a professional provided by a restoration company. These inspectors are able to identify the soot damage, smoke damage, lingering smoke smells and structural damage that can continue to plague an establishment long after the fire damage restoration process is finished. These inspectors will also observe and note any structural problems caused by fire damage, and identify if repairs are even feasible. For a fire in a business, the inspectors can help determine whether the business wishes to make the investment to recover that specific facility. Finally, these inspectors will assess what additional steps need to be taken in fire damage restoration, and identify what mitigations must be used to prevent additional damage.

The second phase a restoration company will undertake is to board up any openings in the building. The board up procedure will prevent any additional damage to the interior of the structure while the rest of the fire damage restoration takes place. A restoration company will not always choose to board up all openings however, as the procedure is often dependent on the extent of the fire damage and the desired result of the restoration. While boarding up exterior openings can cause a building to appear condemned or derelict, it is a necessary step to returning the structure to its original state.

With the board up complete, the fire cleanup will move on to mitigating and removing the water damage. Water damage is caused alongside fire damage during the fire as the fire crews attempt to put out the inferno. Additionally, when board up is not completed quickly the outdoor elements can also cause additional water damage that must be dealt with. Because of the additional damage water can do to the interior of a building, professionals often deal with the water damage first and foremost before restoration moves further. This allows crews to focus on dealing with the fire damage such as removing the soot damage, smoke damage, and smoke smells left behind by the fire.

Once the water is out of the way, cleanup crews will begin to address the smoke damage, soot damage, and lingering smoke smells the fire left in the establishment. For a fire in a home, smoke smells in particular can pose serious concerns for the occupants. With commercial fire damage, the smoke and soot damage can cause a disruption in their operation as government inspectors will balk at allowing their clientele to be exposed to the hazard. Professional cleanup crews are well versed in removing the soot and smoke damage from both residential and commercial fire damage.

After the soot and smoke have been removed, restoration of residential and commercial fire damage becomes a matter of ensuring the structure is properly repaired. This means crews will clean out all the debris caused by the fire, and then begin to repair or replace key structural elements of the building which were damaged in the fire. When a building cannot be repaired, it is often condemned and destroyed. Such cases are typically identified by the initial inspectors.

The final step in the restoration process involves the cosmetic restoration of the property itself. For a fire in a home, this might mean new siding on the outside, new windows and etcetera. For a fire in a business, this might mean all new service and safety items, flooring and fresh paint. The restoration portion of the process can often be the most expensive step, because it involves replacing a lot of the finery that made a building unique. Once finished however, the homeowner or business owner can return to their day to day life with their renewed building.
Visit http://www.SERVPROyavapaicounty.com for more information on fire damage.

Checking for Mold and Dry Rot After a Pipe Bursts

8/31/2017 (Permalink)

Checking for Mold and Dry Rot After a Pipe Bursts

It's easy to overlook a leaky faucet or a minor leak in a pipe, but it's not so easy to overlook that problem once the pipe actually bursts. This burst pipe can cause significant mold damage and lead to standing water that helps fungus or mildew grow. Mold growth behind walls can even develop because of a burst pipe. The best way to minimize residential or commercial mold damage is with a full inspection and with taking some preventative steps early on.

Hire a Water Removal Expert

While it's important to work with mold removal and remediation experts at the first sign of mold growth, it's equally important to hire a water removal expert. A restoration company will send the proper hardware and equipment to the home to remove as much water as possible. Workers will use pumps to remove larger areas of water caused by that burst pipe and then use sponges and other equipment to dry off all wood areas and other areas around the burst pipe to reduce the risk of dry rot developing. They may leave dehumidifiers or fans running overnight or for several days to reduce the humidity levels in the room.

Look for Dry Rot

Far too many people worry about black mold without thinking about dry rot and other common problems that can occur after a pipe bursts. Dry rot on a floor can cause so much damage that a person walking across the room might step right through the floor. This type of rot can look like a powdery type of mildew in the beginning but become darker and thicker later. Mold damage experts offer mitigation services to keep that rot from spreading all around the home.

Check for Mold

It's common to find mold in a home after a pipe bursts because that excess moisture creates the perfect breeding ground for the mold. Mold typically looks for environments that are both wet and moist, which is why mold growth behind walls is so common. It can cause a smelly odor that lingers in front of the wall and help mold and fungus grow nearby. Commercial mold damage companies often do deodorization techniques to remove the smelly odor and then look for signs of black mold and other species.

Mold removal Steps

Mold remediation is a term that applies to the methods that a restoration company takes to find a solution to the mold in home problems that owners face. It may require mitigation, identifying mold damage and using different mold removal methods. They may use deodorization techniques to remove any lingering odors caused by the mold and to give the home a cleaner scent. The sooner that a restoration company gets inside the building, the sooner its experts can identify residential or commercial mold damage and begin working on the problem. They use many of the same steps when removing black mold as they do when dealing with mildew and fungus growth.

Black mold is just one type of mold in a home that owners may see. They may call mitigation experts for help after seeing mold growth in a basement, noticing a smelly odor that indicates mold growth behind walls or finding mold damage in a bedroom. Professional mold removal, remediation and mitigation is the key to removing mold in a home and eliminating commercial mold damage. Mold removal may require deodorization techniques to remove a smelly odor caused by mildew or fungus and products that kill existing mold and inhibit any future mold growth. With help from a restoration company, the owners of homes can easily find out if there is black mold in their homes and if there is any mold growth behind walls. Mold removal companies offer remediation to find a solution and cause of any mold growth problems and deodorization techniques that make the home smell as clean and as fresh as it did before the mold started growing. Visit http://www.SERVPROyavapaicounty.com for more information on mold.

Restoring Water Damage The Professional Way

7/31/2017 (Permalink)

Restoring Water Damage The Professional Way

When a pipe breaks or a supply line breaks in a home, it is time to call in the professionals. Even in small amounts, water damage can be potentially catastrophic to a property. Water damage, when left to sit for anything longer than 24 hours, begins to rot drywall, subflooring and structural members of the building. It is often difficult to know the extent that water damage has permeated the structure, without having a professional restoration company carry out an on-site inspection. Even if it appears that all of the water in a home or water in a business has been removed, if any water damage remains undetected, after approximately one week it is likely to cause permanent damage to the property. This will likely involve the necessary replacement of joists, beams and drywall. In severe cases, it could lead to the condemning of the property.

The good news is that timely action will almost always result in total restoration of the property to its prior state. Over the last hundred-plus years, restoration professionals have developed a specific protocol for the mitigation of water damage. While each restoration company will differ slightly in its procedures, the following mitigation process will be more or less followed by every restoration company.

Flood damage mitigation and restoration of a flooded home is a difficult task that can only be carried out by professionals. It is absolutely imperative that, upon flood damage taking place, whether from a pipe break, a supply line break or other source, a call is placed, as soon as possible, to a local flood damage mitigation company.

If a water cleanup crew can arrive at the flooded home within five hours, the chance of successful mitigation of the flood damage is nearly 100 percent. However, after more than 24 hours, the chance of the flooded home sustaining permanent, severe damage begins to quickly rise.

The water cleanup team should arrive on site quickly. They will then assess the extent of water in the home or water in the business. Using sophisticated instruments, such as infrared water detection equipment and hygrometers, they will be able to see if the water in the home or water in the business has seeped into any hard-to-detect places. If the supply line break or pipe break has taken place on an upper floor, they will be able to see if water has seeped into subflooring and strucutral elements, such as joists and studs. If there is active water seepage or high-pressure spray coming from a pipe break or supply line break, it will be identified and remediated.

The water in the business or home will be extracted using highly powerful pumps and vacuum systems, which are specially designed for mass water extraction. The specialized equipment can remove thousands of gallons per hour. Within one hour, the property will no longer have standing water.

Even though the home will likely appear dry after the water extraction has been completed, it is still absolutely imperative for a professional drying process to be undertaken. This drying process uses industrial-strength drying equipment, similar to what you'd see at a car wash, to ensure that no areas of the home contain any moisture. This process can take as little as a half hour or as long as a full day, depending on the severity and extent of the flooding.

At this point, the home will appear to be completely restored. But it is still imperative to cleanse and sanitize all materials and items. This protects against incipient mold growth and eliminates lingering smells.
Visit http://www.SERVPROyavapaicounty.com for more information on water damage.

Effective Fire Cleanup

7/31/2017 (Permalink)

Effective Fire Cleanup

After a fire, restoring your home is essential. Although it might seem that all hope is lost, professional fire cleanup specialists can remove the smoke smell, soot damage, remove water from carpeting and furniture, board up the house, help remove any salvageable items, and more. DIY isn't recommended after a fire due to the many dangers and added provisions needed to restore the house, but a professional company has what it takes to get the job done.

Fire Damage Restoration the Professional Way

Fire cleanup crews work diligently to clean the property so you can get back to normal
living as quickly as possible. They'll perform a variety of tasks during the fire cleanup process. If you have special requests, most fire damage restoration companies happily oblige those requests when possible. Open communication with the fire damage restoration professionals ensures you get the results that you want. The amount of time it takes to clean after fire damage varies, with factors such as the size of the hose and amount of damage weighing on the cost of the job. Most restoration company professionals maintain competitive pricing, so a few comparisons are all it takes to get a great price on the job.

Restoration Company Offers Fire Cleanup After Fire in Business or Home

Along with professional board up of windows and doors to prevent intruders from entering the home, the fire damage restoration company provides numerous other services that quickly return the home to normalcy again. Professional-strength products remove the smoke smell from the unit, and the team also works diligently to remove soot damage and smoke damage from the property. When the aftermath is seen, it is oftentimes soot damage and smoke damage that causes the most disturbances. Professional fire damage crews remove water left behind from fighting the fire from carpeting, upholstery, and other areas. The smoke smell combined with souring water is none-too-pleasant, and can ruin items that would otherwise be usable again. The fire cleanup crew prevents such occurrences. The role of a fire cleanup team is removing soot damage, smoke damage, the smoke smell, and water from the home. The team doesn't stop until the job is efficiently done and your home is back to normal again.

Tips to Help the Restoration Company

The restoration company has a big job ahead when they're initiating fire in home or fire in business damage. Although most of the work should be done by the professionals, you can assist in small ways. A few tips to help speed the fire damage restoration process:

- Do not go back inside the home until the okay is given by fire department
officials. Smoke damage and soot damage can restart a fire, and the smoke smell can easily cause problems breathing. If you've sustained commercial fire damage, the same rule applies.

- When the board up takes place, do not remove the boards for any reason. The board up is performed to maintain the health and safety of the community. Commercial fire damage and fire in home both receive board up protection.

- When sorting through items in the house, test any electronic items that were damaged in the fire or that got wet before using them.

- Canned foods, frozen and pre-packaged food should all be tossed if they were in the home at the time of the fire. Fire damage can cause these items to spoil or become hazardous to consume.

- Using a dehumidifier is recommended after a fire in home or fire in business. The dehumidifier will help remove some of the water left behind from the fire department who put the blaze out. It takes mold just 48-hours to begin growing after a fire in home or a fire in business, but a dehumidifier will minimize or prevent mold from growing.

It is never easy to recoup after fire damage has devastated your home or after commercial fire damage has affected your business, but with a great fire damage cleanup crew on the top and the tips above in place, you can successfully get back to the life that you love after a fire. Commercial fire damage cleanup or that at you home, the professionals remedy them all.
Visit http://www.SERVPROyavapaicounty.com for more information on fire damage.

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning in Yavapai County

3/1/2016 (Permalink)

An office building is only as clean as the air that circulates throughout the duct work.   Ducts in an office building are some of the dirtiest, most unsanitary parts of a building.    Keeping these ducts clean is crucial in maintaining a business run properly. 

According to the EPA, “Duct cleaning generally refers to the cleaning of various heating and cooling system components of forced air systems, including the supply and return air ducts and registers, grilles and diffusers, heat exchangers heating and cooling coils, condensate drain pans (drip pans), fan motor and fan housing, and the air handling unit housing.”  See more of the article here:  http://www.epa.gov/indoor-air-quality-iaq/should-you-have-air-ducts-your-home-cleaned

If not properly maintained, these ducts can accumulate contaminants such as dust, pollen and other debris.  If moisture finds its way into these ducts, mold can develop and spread into the office space.    

Not only is cleanliness a reason to get your air ducts clean, but you can save on energy!  According to the U.S. Department of Energy, 25-40% of the energy used for heating & cooling is wasted.  When your HVAC system is clean, it doesn’t have to work as hard to maintain the desired temperature. 

Call SERVPRO of Yavapai County to get your air ducts clean today!  928-636-7600

Trauma and Crime Scene Cleanup in Prescott, Cottonwood & Sedona

2/3/2016 (Permalink)

Cleaning up a crime scene is a messy job, but someone needs to do it. 

After the police have finished processing a crime or accident scene, the cleaning and restoration process can begin. Many times, crime and accident scenes have blood and other biohazard contaminants that pose a serious health risk.

Police and homeowners rely on professional services that are equipped to handle crime scene cleanup. 

SERVPRO of Yavapai County's technicians follow OSHA and EPA protocols to help transform an unsafe environment back to a clean, safe home or office.  We will always treat your property and everyone involved with the utmost respect and empathy in these difficult circumstances.  

Some common trauma and crime scene scenarios are:

Crime Scene Residues
From fingerprint powder and evidence-gathering chemicals to tear gas and pepper spray residues, SERVPRO Franchise Professionals can clean and restore your property after a crime scene investigation.

Bloodborne Pathogens
SERVPRO Franchise Professionals remove and dispose of bodily fluids, tissue and other potentially pathogenic substances resulting from accident, trauma, crime or death. Trained SERVPRO Franchise Professionals clean, disinfect and deodorize the structure

If you find yourself wondering what to do in the event of a trauma or crime scene, call SERVPRO of Yavapai County to take care of your cleanup needs.  928-636-7600

5 Easy Tips to Prevent Water Damage in Yavapai County

1/26/2016 (Permalink)

Most Homeowners insurance policies cover basic water damage claims up to the purchased limit.

But you know what’s a lot easier than going through the claims process? Preventing the water damage in the first place!

Check out these 5 suggestions for preventing water damage:

1. Be careful where you plant

Some plants and trees, like weeping willows, have pretty invasive roots. If you’re not careful, they’ll grow right into your sprinkler system, drainage field, pipes, and septic tanks. Plan before you plant to keep roots away from any water lines.

2. Clean out roof gutters

You know it’s on your to-do list anyway, so if you can, take a safe climb up to your roof next Sunday and check out your gutters. If you’re seeing lots of leaves, birds’ nests, sticks, and whatnot up there, your gutters may not be doing the job you hired them for. And on a rainy day, a clogged gutter can send water spilling into your home’s foundation, through the roof, or down to your basement. That could cause some serious water damage! So next time you’re doing some seasonal cleaning, make sure those gutters are clean. And if your gutters are too high, be safe and get a professional to check them.

3.  Keep an eye on your water bill

With so many water pipes hidden behind walls and in the floors in your house, you might not know there’s a leak until the damage is done. That’s why it’s a good idea to keep a close eye on your monthly water bill. If you see it starting to creep up, or get one that’s uncommonly high, it’s a pretty good sign that you may have a leak somewhere.

4. Use a drain snake instead of unclogging chemicals

No matter how crazy clean you are, from your shower to your kitchen sink, clogs are going to happen. And chances are at some point in your life you’ve used one of those powerful chemical drain cleaners to get things moving again. But as convenient as they may be, most folks don’t realize those caustic chemicals are also eating away at their pipes (and they might not be too good for you either). If you rely on them a lot, you could be setting yourself up for leaks. That’s why owning a drain snake is a good solution to clear away clogs. They’re pretty inexpensive, you can get them at your local hardware store, and they can cut through most any clog you’ll have without damaging pipes or making your eyes red and teary.

5. Never pour grease down your sink

You’ve probably heard this before, but you should definitely avoid pouring grease down your kitchen sink. It doesn’t matter if you flush it with hot or cold water. It can still congeal and cling to your pipes, and could still cause some serious damage and blockage.

Some people use detergent to break up grease before pouring it down the drain…and that may help sometimes. But there’s no guarantee that it’ll keep the grease from sticking to your pipes, so why take the risk?

The safest thing to do is just to pour your grease in an empty can, and either let it sit or put it in the refrigerator. Once it hardens you can toss it in the trash and get rid of it. Done and done.


Willow Fire in the Mohave Valley

8/11/2015 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Willow Fire in the Mohave Valley Willow Fire in Mohave Valley, AZ August 2015

The Willow Fire in the Mohave Valley is now 40% contained and there is hope that people can start returning to their homes by 10AM tomorrow morning 8/12/2015. Click on the link below to find out more.


If you return home and have smoke or fire damage to your home or business, please give SERVPRO of Yavapai County a call. Our staff is here to help with the devastation of smoke damage and fire cleanup. SERVPRO of Yavapai County will work directly with your insurance in order to make the process as smooth as possible. We will make it “Like It Never Even Happened.”

Call us today 928-636-7600 with any questions you may have, or to schedule an estimate. 

Weather Update

7/20/2015 (Permalink)

Heavy flooding has resulted in major water damage to homes and businesses in Northern Arizona this past weekend, and more rain may still be on the way. SERVPRO of Yavapai County can help. Please call us today if you would like an estimate of damages or if you have any questions regarding water damage to your home.

“We could see scattered showers this morning with the chance of isolated storms this afternoon.”

Click on the link below to follow the weather in your area.


Click the link below to follow the storm damage in Wickenburg, AZ.


Give SERVPRO of Yavapai County today at 928-636-7600 to schedule an appointment. 

Monsoon Season is here!

6/15/2015 (Permalink)

Water Damage Monsoon Season is here! Flooding in Paulden 2014

Today marks the first day of Monsoon Season in Arizona. Last year's rainfall during monsoon season was record breaking. The effects of the flood damage to homeowners were both emotionally and financially devastating. SERVPRO of Yavapai County would like to help educate and prepare all homeowner and commercial property owners to better prepare for this monsoon season’s upcoming storms. 

Click on the links provided to know the steps to use to help keep your home and your family safe from water damage and flood damage.

How you can prepare your home and business for flood damage.





SERVPRO of Yavapai County is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for any disaster restoration needs. If your home or business has water damage and is in need of water cleanup we are here to help. Give us a call today! 928-636-7600

Costly Wildfire Season 2015

6/10/2015 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Costly Wildfire Season 2015 Recent rainfall has delayed the wildfires, but the feds still expect a damaging year.

WASHINGTON – While recent rainfall has provided a delay in the wildfire season, federal officials said Tuesday they still expect a historically damaging and costly year.

To learn more click on the links below.



Remember to stay alert this fire season to prevent catastrophic disasters. If you have fire damage and are in need of fire cleanup give SERVPRO of Yavapai County a call. We are always here to help! 


Wild Fire in Page, AZ

6/4/2015 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Wild Fire in Page, AZ Wildfire in Page 2015

CORNVILLE -- Wednesday about noon, the Verde Valley Fire District was dispatched to a wildland fire off Page Springs Road in Cornville. First units arrived to find a 1.5-acre urban interface wildfire with high fuels fanned by winds, threatening homes. 

The fire was caused by a person cutting pipe creating sparks near dry vegetation. High wind quickly spread the fire from a spark to 1.5 acres. No injuries reported.

Click on the link below to read more.


SERVPRO of Yavapai County is here 24 hours a day 7 days a week for any fire emergency cleanup, or water cleanup. Give us a call today to schedule an estimate. 928-636-7600

Flooding in Texas and Oklahoma

5/26/2015 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Flooding in Texas and Oklahoma Recent flooding in Houston, TX 2015.

Our thoughts are with all affected by the recent flooding in Texas and Oklahome. For more information or what you can do to help please visit the following sights. 




SERVPRO of Yavapai County has seen first hand the devistation a massive flood can cause for homeowners and business owners. We are always here to help with any water cleanup, fire cleanup, or mold cleanup. Give us a call today.


Weather Alert for Yavapai County

4/24/2015 (Permalink)

Wild Fire in Montezuma-Rimrock

4/23/2015 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Wild Fire in Montezuma-Rimrock Montezuma-Rimrock Fire Station.

BEAVER CREEK -- Just before noon Tuesday, crews from Montezuma-Rimrock Fire District and Camp Verde Fire District were dispatched to a wild land urban interface fire on Sycamore Lane in Lake Montezuma.

Click on the link below to read more.


SERVPRO of Yavapai County cannot stress enough how important it is to prepare yourself for this upcoming fire season. When preparation isn’t enough and you find yourself with fire damage, give us a call. We are here to help. 928-636-7600

Cottenwood Wildfire Alert

4/23/2015 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Cottenwood Wildfire Alert Fire damage to a home in Yavapai County.

Wild fire alerts for Cottenwood, AZ. Click on the link below to learn more.


SERVPRO of Yavapai County is ready to help with any fire damage to your home. We can also help with any water damage that occurs while putting the fire out. Give us a call at the office today for an estimate of damages. We work directly with your insurance company to make it “Like it never even happened.” 928-636-7600

Wild Fires Yavapai County

4/8/2015 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Wild Fires Yavapai County Fire damage in a home in Yavapai County. SERVPRO of Yavapai County is currently helping with the fire restoration.

It’s that time of year where wildfires are a threat, especially in Yavapai County. Be sure to educate yourself of what you can do to prepare your home in the event of a wildfire.

Click on the following links to learn more about wildfire prevention and what to do before a wildfire, during a wildfire, and after a wildfire.

Click here for a list of:

SERVPRO of Yavapai County is here to help with any Fire restoration, water mitigation, or mold remediation needed to your home. Do not hesitate to give us a call if you find yourself caught in this unfortunate situation. SERVPRO of Yavapai County will be there to make it like it never even happened.

Call SERVPRO of Yavapai County today 928-636-7600

Fire Prevention Yavapai County

3/25/2015 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Yavapai County is always here for any fire, water damage, or mold loss you may come across in your home or business, 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

Click on this link for the Central Yavapai Fire District to learn more about fire prevention and tips of what you should do if you ever find yourself in this unfortunate situation.


Call your friends at SERVPRO of Yavapai County today; we are always here to help!

Call 928-636-7600, or email us at sp9820@SERVPROyavapaicounty.com

Water Damage Restoration Yavapai County

3/25/2015 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water Damage Restoration Yavapai County Servpro of Yavapai County is ready to help in any situation. Give us a call any day, anytime and we will be there for all of your restoration needs.

What can you do if you have water damage in your home? SERVPRO of Yavapai County will be at your home within 4 hours to help extract and mitigate all flood situations.  Whether it is a leaky faucet or a monsoon flood, SERVPRO of Yavapai County is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help with any water damage you may come across.

Don’t forget, SERVPRO of Yavapai County can also help you with any fire damage, mold damage, duct cleaning, carpet cleaning, bio cleanup, and so much more.

Click on the link below for steps you should take if you have water damage in your home.


Give SERVPRO of Yavapai County a call today and let us make it “like it never even happened.”


Fire Damage, Smoke Damage Cleanup Prescott, AZ

2/27/2015 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Fire Damage, Smoke Damage Cleanup Prescott, AZ Grease fire to kitchen

If you have recently experienced a fire or smoke damage to your property, SERVPRO of Yavapai County in Prescott Valley can assist with the cleanup. Our staff of trained and experienced technicians will be able to restore your property to pre loss conditions.

No matter the size of the damage, we have the resources to assist you in the cleanup.

Call SERVPRO of Yavapai County today for help. You can reach our 24/7 line at 928-636-7600. 

Water Damage Restoration Prescott, AZ

1/9/2015 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water Damage Restoration Prescott, AZ Water Damage to bedroom Prescott, AZ

SERVPRO of Yavapai County can help you with your water damage emergency. Our trained and certified technicians will be able to explain the mitigation process to you and walk you through the insurance claim process.

Our onsite professional will work directly with your insurance adjuster and help communicate the scope of work so the project can be completed in a timely manner.

SERVPRO of Yavapai County is certified with IICRC and our onsite techinicans will also be certified to handle your water mitigation process.

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Duct Cleaning Prescott, AZ

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Cleaning Duct Cleaning Prescott, AZ Call SERVPRO of Yavapai County to stop your ducts from looking like this!

SERVPRO of Yavapai County can help you get your property back to new again with our advanced air duct cleaning process. SERVPRO of Yavapai County offers air duct cleaning in Prescott, Prescott Valley and other surronding cities.

Our professional and trained air duct cleaning specialist clean your air duct system under HEPA filtered air, preventing any particulates to leave your system.

Call today for details, mention this posting and receive 20% off!!

Call us at 928-636-7600

Frozen Pipes Cause Water Damage Prescott, AZ

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Water Damage Frozen Pipes Cause Water Damage Prescott, AZ Thermal Imaging Photo of Water Damage Prescott, AZ

Here are a few tips to help with preventing frozen pipes and extensive water damage in the upcoming winter months:

1. Disconnect all gardening hoses and install covers on all outside faucets.

2. Keep your house temperature at 68 degrees or higher, even if you're leaving the house for an extended period of time.

3.Open cabinet doors below sinks to allow heat from the home to circulate.

4. Identify the location of the main water valve and the valve on your water heater. (Learning the location of these valves may come in handy during an emergency.)

5. Wrap pipes nearest exterior walls and in crawl spaces with pipe insulation or with heating tape. This can prevent freezing, especially for interior pipes that run along outside walls.

6. Close all windows near water pipes; cover or close open-air vents. Freezing temperatures combined with wind drafts can cause pipes to freeze more frequently.

7. Heat your basement and consider weather sealing your windows.

8. Insulate outside walls and unheated areas of your home.

Call SERVPRO of Yavapai County in Prescott to help with all of your water, fire and mold damage projects. 

Slide Fire Smoke Cleanup Sedona, AZ

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Fire Damage Slide Fire Smoke Cleanup Sedona, AZ Slide Fire Sedona, AZ

Source: http://inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident/article/3874/21981/

Incident: Slide Fire Wildfire
Released: 1:08 hrs. ago

Flagstaff, Ariz. – The Slide Fire is located in Oak Creek Canyon just north of Slide Rock State Park and burning northward, predominantly on the west side of the canyon.

Size: 21,067 acres

Containment: 55 percent

Date Reported: Tuesday, May 20 at approximately 4 p.m.

Cause: Human caused, under investigation.

Current Resources: Approximately 676 personnel.

Cost: 8 million dollars.

Yesterday: Crews continued work along Highway 89A to chip woody material for removal and patrol containment lines. Helicopters conducted water drops on interior ‘island’ pockets of fire activity in extreme rugged terrain. All burnout operations are complete.

Today: Crews on all areas of the fire perimeter will continue chipping, patrol, and rehabilitation efforts. Internal areas of yet unburned fuel may continue to smolder, producing light to moderate smoke.

Restrictions & Closures: Due to increasing fire danger, the Coconino and Kaibab National Forests will implement Stage II fire restrictions effective Friday (5/30) at 8 a.m., for additional information please visit Arizona Fire Restrictions http://firerestrictions.us/az/

The Coconino National Forest has issued an emergency closure on all National Forest System lands within the area of the Slide Fire on the Coconino National Forest, in Coconino and Yavapai Counties. To view the Order and map of the fire closure area, visit: http://tinyurl.com/mzja5rd

Evacuations UPDATE: The Coconino County Sheriff’s Office will reopen US 89A at Slide Rock State Park to residents only at 1 p.m. May 29. Only verified residents will be allowed past the roadblock. For additional information please call the Coconino Information Center (EOC) at (928) 679-4173 between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

Closed Roads: Highway 89A from Sedona to Vista Overlook, Forest Road (FR) 535 at Highway 89A, FR 533 at Highway 89A, FR 231 at Rogers Lake, FR 527 and 530 (west side; Volunteer Canyon area) and Casner Mountain is closed to all vehicles.

Air Quality: For information on air quality, please visit the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality website at: http://www.phoenixvis.net/PPMmain.aspx

Call SERVPRO of Yavapai County at (928)-636-7600 for a free smoke and soot cleanup estimate due to the Slide Fire.

Visit our website for more information: www.servproyavapaicounty.com

Smoke Cleanup After Slide Fire Sedona, AZ

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Fire Damage Smoke Cleanup After Slide Fire Sedona, AZ Slide Fire in Oak Creek Canyon Sedona, AZ

With the Slide Fire nearly 45% containment, some are left wondering "What do we do next?"

When business owners and homeowners return to their properties, the smell of smoke may be present. While the structure may not have had fire damage directly, the fact that the fire burned within 100 feet of several structures allowed for the smoke to enter the property.

SERVPRO of Yavapai County is trained to remove the smoke odor and control further damage to your property. With several resources available to assist your business or personal residence, call us today to schedule your free evaluation.

Call our office at (928)-636-7600 

Water Damage Cleanup Prescott, AZ

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Water Damage Water Damage Cleanup Prescott, AZ Sewer backup in Prescott, AZ

Sewage Backups

Sewage backups and dark water intrusions are more than nasty, smelly deposits – these damages also introduce harmful microorganisms into a structure. SERVPRO of Yavapai County Professionals remove the sewage, contaminants, and moisture, and help ensure the structure is properly cleaned, disinfected, and deodorized.

SERVPRO of Yavapai County also works hand and hand with your adjuster to make sure that all work preformed is clear communicated to verify coverage is allowed. While some policies limit the coverage allowed for a sewage backup. SERVPRO of Yavapai County will be able to give an accurate scope to your insurance adjuster so there are not hidden cost when the project is complete.

SERVPRO of Yavapai County will address all safety concerns that are associated with a sewer backup in a building. We are partnered with highly trained indoor environmental professionals that can confirm that all the pathogens have been properly removed to insure occupant safety when the project is complete.

Call SERVPRO of Yavapai County today for more information

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Fire Ban for Yavapai County

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Fire Damage Fire Ban for Yavapai County Wildfire Yarnell, AZ

Fire Ban for Yavapai County Effective April 18, 2014 at 8:00 a.m.

Posted on Wednesday, April 16, 2014 10:16 am 

The Yavapai County Office of Emergency Management in consultation with our partners in the Prescott National Forest, as well as Local Jurisdictions have concluded that conditions exist for extreme fire hazard within Yavapai County. Therefore, a fire ban will be implemented across all four fire ban zones (Central, Southern, Northern, and Eastern Zones) effective April 18, 2014 at 8:00 a.m.

Please see attached press release for more information PRESS RELEASE – Fire Ban 16 April 2014

Water Damage Cleanup Tips Prescott, AZ

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Water Damage Water Damage Cleanup Tips Prescott, AZ Call our office today for emergency water damage service in Prescott, AZ!! (928)-636-7600

Contact SERVPRO of Yavapai County Regarding Your Water Damage Emergency - (928) 636-7600

SERVPRO of Yavapai County proudly serves Prescott, Prescott Valley, Chino Valley, Cottonwood, Flagstaff, and surrounding areas.

  • Remove excess water by mopping and blotting.
  • Wipe excess water from wood furniture after removal of lamps and tabletop items.
  • Remove and prop wet upholstery and cushions.
  • Place aluminum foil or wood blocks between furniture legs and wet carpeting
  • Turn air conditioning on for maximum drying in summer.
  • Remove colored rugs from wet carpeting.
  • Remove art objects to a safe, dry place.
  • Gather loose items from floors.
  • Don't leave wet fabrics in place. Hang furs and leather goods.
  • Don't leave books, magazines or other colored items on wet carpet or floors.
  • Don't use your household vacuum to remove water.
  • Don't use television or other household appliances.
  • Don't turn on ceiling fixtures if ceiling is wet, and keep out of rooms where ceilings are sagging.

Water Damage Extraction Prescott, AZ

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Water Damage Water Damage Extraction Prescott, AZ Water Damage Cleanup Prescott, AZ

Contact SERVPRO of Yavapai County Regarding Your Water Damage Emergency - (928) 636-7600
SERVPRO of Yavapai County proudly serves Prescott, Prescott Valley, Chino Valley, Cottonwood, Flagstaff, and surrounding areas.

Water Removal Equipment

  • Moisture detectors, hygrometers and other meters measure the extent of moisture saturation.
  • Infrared camera may be used to identify water location for thorough water removal.
  • Submersible and gas-powered pumps for continuous pumping of high-level water.
  • Truck mounted and portable extraction units perform efficient water removal.

Sanitizing Agents, Germicides, & Anti-Microbial Treatments

  • Deodorization products control odors from excessive moisture.
  • Disinfection products stop the growth of bacteria, fungi, mildew, and other harmful microorganisms.

Hi-Tech Drying Equipment

  • Drying equipment helps prevent property water damage like swelling and warping of floors, walls and furniture.
  • Industrial grade dehumidifiers minimize secondary water damage.
  • High-speed air movers create airflow across walls, carpets, pads and furniture, evaporating moisture.
  • Some situations call for special drying techniques that require state of the art equipment and training.

Water Damage Prescott, AZ

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Community Water Damage Prescott, AZ Let SERVPRO of Yavapai County help you when it matters most!!

SERVPRO of Yavapai County proudly serves the following zip codes for all national accounts: 85324, 85332, 85362, 86301, 86302, 86303, 86304, 86305, 86312, 86313, 86314, 86320, 86321, 86322, 86323, 86324, 86325, 86326, 86327, 86329, 86303, 86331, 86332, 86333, 86334, 86335, 86336, 86337, 86338, 86340, 86341, 86342, 86343, 86351.

SERVPRO of Yavapai County also proudly services the following major cities: Prescott, Prescott Valley, Chino Valley, Sedona, Cottonwood and Verde Valley.

Fire Prevention Week October 6-14, 2013 Arizona

9/19/2013 (Permalink)

This years fire prevention focus in on preventing kitchen fires. Please view the National Fire Protection Association website for more vaulable information: http://www.firepreventionweek.org/

Fire Prevention Week was established to commemorate the Great Chicago Fire, the tragic 1871 conflagration that killed more than 250 people, left 100,000 homeless, destroyed more than 17,400 structures and burned more than 2,000 acres. The fire began on October 8, but continued into and did most of its damage on October 9, 1871.

SERVPRO of Yavapai County is here to help after the unforseen house fire. Be proactive and not reactive and understand how you can help protect your property.

For more information about our fire damage restoration services, please visit our services portion of the website.

Air Duct Cleaning Prescott, AZ

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Cleaning Air Duct Cleaning Prescott, AZ Don't live with your ductwork looking like this! Call SERVPRO of Yavapai County today!

SERVPRO of Yavapai County has starting its air duct cleaning division. Call our office now and learn more about these services. 928-636-7600.

Let our technicians professionally cleanup your ductwork system today and let you breathe cleaner air!


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